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8 ideas to make your small room feel huge

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Sometimes it can feel like having a small bedroom dooms you to living in a messy, cluttered, and cramped space, but today we're going to prove to you that not only is that not the case, but with clever planning you'll find your bedroom is the ideal size. That's because we're looking at 8 small bedrooms that are perfect just the way they are, to help inspire and inform your own bedroom design.

Small apartments are becoming standard, and most of us will at some point find ourselves living in a space with limited floor area, requiring careful planning and consideration to create a home that is functional, practical, and beautiful. Luckily the professionals here at homify thrive on challenges like this, and they have created some absolutely stunning bedrooms that manage to fit in everything you need, and look absolutely gorgeous in the process. So join us as we show you how to achieve the bedroom of your dreams no matter how much space you have available!

1. Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture will save you a huge amount of space in the bedroom by reducing the amount of items you need. This bed features storage underneath with these stylish flat panel drawers, meaning you don't need to cram things in the closet. Try to find unique items that combine multiple functions, and of course if you can't find exactly what you're looking for you can always call a carpenter to make you a custom piece!

2. A single bed in a funky room

This ultra funky bedroom is defined by quirky decorations, such as those hanging lights and gorgeous wall decorations. The designers have also made a tough but reasonable choice; in a small room sometimes it's better to opt for a single bed to free up floor space than to cramp a giant bed in with no room for any other furniture. With a single bed the hardwood floor is able to contribute to the decor, and it looks great against the pastel blue brick feature wall.

3. Mounted bedside tables

We all need somewhere to put our cup of tea in the morning, and a lamp for late night reading, but if you don't have room for bedside tables there are other practical options out there. This bed features two bedside shelves and lamps attached to the headboard, freeing up floor space for a compact and modern design.

4. Careful arrangments

Arranging furniture is a matter of trial and error, because even when you measure up the room and plan accordingly it's impossible to know how you feel about an arrangement until you see it in action. Take your time when arranging a small room and try out different ideas before you commit to anything, but there are some simple tips to keep in mind. For example placing your bed along the longest wall will free up crucial space on either side of the bed, and if you want a television in the room, instead of trying to fit in a cabinet, just mount it on the wall!

5. Sofa beds

Sofa beds aren't just for guests, these days you can find elegant and luxurious options that are perfect for bedrooms. This way you can fold up your bed during the day, leaving your room more spacious and open.

6. Murphy beds

Or if you need even more space you can try a classic Murphy bed. Murphy beds were invented specifically to address the challenges created by increasingly small inner city apartments, and can be folded up into the wall, completely disappearing during the day.

7. The flexible approach

A bedside table doesn't necessarily need to be built to purpose, all you really need is a level surface for a book and a glass of water. That's why in this room the work desk has been placed right next to the bed, allowing it to double as a bedside table at night. Finding multiple uses for furniture is always going to be better than trying to cram in new pieces.

8. Simplfy

Sometimes a minimalist approach is the best way to prevent a cluttered and confused room. Decide what items you absolutely need in your bedroom, and remove the rest, keeping the furnishing and decor simple and dignified. This bedroom also benefits from a light colour palette that makes it feel more spacious, and promotes tranquility.

With a few small adjustments you won't wish for another inch in your bedroom! If you'd like more inspiration to help you make the most of the space you've got available, then check out this stunning Scandinavian apartment!

Which of these tips will you try in your bedroom? Let us know in the comments!
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