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Surprising furniture for a unique home

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There's lots of different ways to approach furnishing your home. You can buy complete sets to ensure that you have a unified theme for your decor, you can refurbish vintage pieces for a shabby chic aesthetic, or you can take the student route and just pick up whatever you find on the street. But one thing that most homes have in common is that people tend to play it safe, missing the opportunity to make a bold statement with truly unique pieces.

That's why today we're looking at some of the most unexpected, surprising, and interesting pieces of furniture we've ever seen here on homify. Some of these choices are interesting for their placement, others are spectacular pieces that showcase the work of ambitious and creative carpenters intent on pushing the art form forward, but all of them contribute to distinctive and individualistic looks that really set these homes apart. So if you're furnishing your home take a look through this list, and you may find something you've never thought of that will really complete your decor.

1. A window seat in the bathroom

This is one of the most unusual furniture choices we've ever seen, and yet it looks stunning. Bathrooms should be calming, tranquil spaces, and so creating a place to recline shouldn't seem too out there, just be sure to use man-made materials that are water resistant, and air out the bathroom regularly.

2. Shabby chic planters

If you've got some furniture that's on its last legs, but it's simply too beautiful or meaningful to let go, try turning it into adorable planters for the garden! The drawers look simply magical, and they're already perfectly suited to being converted into a planter, just be sure to nail or glue the drawer so that it doesn't fall out under the weight of the soil.

3. A vintage car sofa

This inspiring piece is built from the front of a vintage car, which has been upcycled into an original, funky sofa. A sofa like this will give your home a heap of character, and reflect your own personality and flair, making your living room the talk of the town!

4. Bed and bookcase

The space under your bed is a controversial issue. On the one hand you want to be able to use the negative space for something productive, but on the other shoving things under your bed will almost certainly lead to you never seeing them again. To avoid this you should find a way to organise the storage underneath the bed, and a bookshelf like this is a great way to do it!

5. A fun kids' bathroom

Getting your kids to take a bath can be a complete nightmare, but not when your bathroom looks as fun and inviting as this! Make every trip to the bathroom an adventure with quirky items like the hand shaped mirror, and the vibrant pink bathroom counter.

6. Colourful crates

Furniture can come from unexpected places, it's all about how you arrange it. These colourful crates can be easily replicated at home, we especially like the stacked piece, it's simply a matter of finding some unused crates, giving them a fresh coat of paint, and then connecting them to create a truly original piece of furniture.

7. Storage under the stairs

Under Stairs Storage buss Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage

Under Stairs Storage


Some of the best furniture ideas are ones that are integrated into the structure of the house. There's nothing worse than a pile of shoes at the front door, so to solve this problem these creative carpenters have built a storage system on sliding rails thats fits perfectly under the stairs.

8. A living bike locker

Bicycle storage TreeSaurus Garages & sheds Solid Wood Brown

Bicycle storage


No matter where you live in the world, keeping your bikes secure is crucial, so why not do it in style? This fabulous bike locker features a layer of grass on top so that it blends seamlessly with the garden, and the sliding shelf ensures your bikes are protected from rust and thieves!

9. A hanging bed

Hanging seats are one thing, but we've never seen a hanging bed before! This fun item is suspended from pulleys with a heavy rope, and will gently rock to you sleep at tonight, and make you bedroom one to remember.

10. A magnificent bed

They really don't make furniture like this anymore, so when you see an item this magnificent it really makes you long for the olden days. This incredibly ornate carved bed with renaissance reliefs in the headboard will make you feel like royalty every time you lay your head down.

11. Tear drop garden seat

If you've got a garden then you want to be able to use it as much as possible, and a fabulous sectional sofa like this will definitely do the trick! This wicker tear drop shaped sofa has middle sections that can be pulled out so that it can either function as two seats, or a large bed, while curtains mean you can maintain privacy or hide away from the sun.

12. A hover bed

Straight out of the future we bring you the hover bed! Recessed lighting beneath the bed creates the illusion that it is floating in mid-air, and it is complemented by a shelving unit and false ceiling made from the same timber, and featuring the same recessed lighting resulting in a bedroom that balances organic materials with sci-fi ideals!

With so many creative ideas out there there's no excuse for boring furnishings! For more great home tips check out these tips for small bathrooms.

Which of these fascinating pieces was your favourite? Tell us in the comments!
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