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Small bathrooms with a walk-in shower rooms

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木皆空間設計 Modern style bathrooms
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In Taiwan, about 20 years ago there was no bathroom with a shower cabin, in fact people used a normal bath or wash basin to wash themselves and shower cabins were a thing of some far distant future. If anything shower cabins were considered to create mold due to too much humidity in the air.

However young Taiwan people today have embraced modern ways in the bathroom and today we take a look at 16 small bathrooms with a walk-in shower spaces. We hope you enjoy these magnificent designs!

13. Wall textures

Here we have amazing play of different wall textures which work excellent together. The shower is laid with wooden and stone flooring adding serious contrast.

1. Glass door

In a small bathroom the best way to create a shower space is a glass door. This bathroom has dark gray tones giving it that contemporary feel.

2. Beautiful marble

The walls of the bathroom are very important as they create a definite atmosphere. Here we have the choice of beautiful marble, while the shower floor is done in tiles. The overall design is stylish and warm.

3. Cool bathroom

木紋磚鋪陳浴室的休閒溫潤質感 青瓷設計工程有限公司 Modern style bathrooms



The shower here is behind a glass door and has a darker shade of floor. The wall is done to resemble a stone wall and a white tile floor mixture, including the use of white in furniture and mirrors, create a seemingly cool bathroom.  

4. Patterned tiles

The shower space is spacious and the tiles on the wall of this bathroom are patterned and unusual. 

5. Tiles and wood mixture

Black tiles with wood flooring, this shower uses a stylish combination of cold and warm elements to achieve a perfect balance.

6. Different styles of tiles

Black and white is always in fashion and here we have different styles of tiles which work well together. In this case bathroom designers have created a superb design to be truly admired.

7. Black wall

Black wall in a shower or in general is always a very strong statement and not suitable for everyone. One has to really love black tones. Combined with wooden floor it gives a cold and a warm effect.

8. Mosaic floor tiles

Mosaic floor tiles are definitely the focus of this bathroom. The shower with the white tile walls and the neutral furniture tone gives the bathroom a charming character.

9. Simple style

A very simple white style on the left and then the warm wooden shower space which in total gives the nice impression of cleanliness and tidiness.

10. Bathroom loft

A very special shower space created In the attic bathroom. Although we have a ceiling angle, it does not feel narrow while it was expertly designed. The use of different materials and colors creates a well balanced division between shower and the rest of the bathroom.

11. White bathroom

The white bathroom often gives a clean feeling, but occasionally it can be creating just as well sense of coldness. What is a good idea in this case is to add some additional element such as for example the green mosaic tiles. Suddenly the shower is more alive and the bathroom itself has more energetic feeling about itself.

12. Wooden bathroom

Most people will not use wood as a material for the bathroom as this is a modern phenomenon. Tiles are usually considered more trustworthy. However as long as the wood design is done properly there should be no problem with the bathroom. This wooden shower has a special shape which is a good example for a small bathroom.

14. Gray tone

A small gray bathroom is very stylish, with glass wall shower cabin is full of personality and tastefully arranged.

15. Patterned floor tiles

Unique pattern tile flooring is the focus of this small bathroom. It makes the bathroom simple and neat while the shower cabin with its glass door fits almost unobserved in this small space.

16. Luxury

A luxurious choice for a small bathroom which means just because it is small it can still be designed however you want it to be. The small black tiles against dark wood and glass door create an illusion of space.

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