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How to create a garden when you've got no space

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Gardening is a wonderful hobby with huge benefits for both you and your home. As a relaxing but physical pastime it promotes tranquility and calm, but still gives you exercise and the satisfaction of working with your hands. Unfortunately not everyone has enough space to grow a patch of gorgeous flowers or decorate their home with wild bush- or at least that's what you may have thought before reading today's article!

We're going to look at ways to create a garden when you don't have any space, because there's actually lots of different ways to bring living greenery into your home without an expansive backyard. These ideas will show you to make use of the smallest area, whether you have a tiny balcony or merely a spare spot on the dining room table, and fill it with plant life so that you can get all of the benefits of tending to a garden no matter what kind of home you have.

1. Plant dwarf shrubs

One great option for tiny gardens is to use tiny plants! Dwarf shrubs come in at a fraction of the size of their bigger cousins, allowing you to fit them in even the smallest patch of green and create a miniature garden, plus they look adorable!

2. Turn everyday objects into a garden!

Bicycle storage TreeSaurus Garages & sheds Solid Wood Brown

Bicycle storage


When you're short on space you may need to adjust your perspective and look for potential in unexpected places. Here they have planted a bed of grass on top of a bike locker, but you could also use this innovative planter for flowers or herbs; what a fantastic idea!

3. Bonsai trees

Bonsai is a traditional Japanese art form that goes back 1000 years, where miniature trees are grown in small containers. You will need to get a specialised container, and they require a fair bit of care and pruning, but for many this is a meditative exercise that promotes tranquility. The best part is a bonsai tree is small enough to fit on your desk, so you can work out your green thumb even in a tiny inner city apartment.

4. Convert old furniture into a planter box

If you have nowhere to plant a garden then it's time to start looking for alternative solutions, and one of the most creative we've seen is converting old furniture into planter boxes. This is great if you have antique furniture that's too broken to use, but to beautiful to lose, and it will give your decor a little whimsy and magic.

5. DIY vertical planter

When you have minimal floor space you may need to consider the vertical plane by building a wall planter! This is a super easy project, and a lot of fun for the kids, simply find an old wooden pallet, place it on its side and seal the bottom, and fill it with plants. This will fit anywhere in your home, obviously it's better outside to avoid spilling soil, but as long as you're careful it will look fabulous in your interior as well.

6. Planter boxes on the balcony

If you have a balcony then you have enough space for a garden! All you need to do is surround your balcony in planter boxes, and soon you'll have your own private jungle of vibrant colour and intoxicating smells.

7. Pot plants

Black Wicker Chair homify Garden Furniture

Black Wicker Chair


Of course we can't forget about the humble pot plant. Pot plants allow you to fill your interior with plants, creating an indoor garden, and almost anything can be used as a pot allowing you to find items that will complement your decor.

8. Hanging pots

But if you're really pressed for floor space, and you just can't find a spot for that pot, you can always hang it from the ceiling. Pot plants suspended from the ceiling will create the illusion of a magical floating garden, just be careful when you're watering them!

9. Little nooks and corners

Even the tiniest corner can be turned into a garden. Here they've used bamboo to build a multi-level corner garden that allows them to fit in as much greenery into this nook as possible, and we think you'll agree those reds and greens look stunning against the natural timber colours.

10. Turn an interior wall into a garden

This fabulous idea will probably require the help of a professional, but will make your home one of a kind. It's similar in concept to the vertical planter box we talked about earlier, just taken to the next level, with an entire wall of the house devoted to a lush vertical garden. We love the way the pure white steps create a contrast of clean geometric shapes and wild untamed bush.

11. Tabletop terrariums

Bespoke Aztec Terrarium Installation The Urban Botanist Exhibition centres
The Urban Botanist

Bespoke Aztec Terrarium Installation

The Urban Botanist

Terrariums are self-contained ecosystems in glass enclosures that allow you to watch their progress, and enjoy the beauty of nature on a small scale. They can be any size, from fish tanks to tiny tabletop pieces like this that look absolutely gorgeous with their unusual shapes, and dreamy micro-landscapes. 

12. Indoor garden enclosures

If a terrarium seems a little underwhelming then you can mega-size it by creating an indoor enclosure like they have here! Glass surrounds full size plants, but the ceiling inside is open to the sunlight bringing the vibrant living greens into your decor and blurring the line between interior and exterior spaces.

13. A fairytale dining room

We end this list with a surrealist piece of furniture that sees a tree bursting from the centre of a table, while planter boxes surround the bench seats. This way no matter the weather you'll feel like you're having a picnic in the park, and you'll give your decor a fairytale atmosphere.

You don't need a lot of space in order to create a garden, in fact with some of these ideas you don't need any space at all! If you're looking for more fun projects around the home check out these great kitchen DIY tips!

Which of these ideas would you love to try in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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