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Facades featuring timber and concrete

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The old saying goes that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but they also say that first impressions last, and realistically we're all guilty of forming immediate opinions on our initial encounter with something. This is especially true of houses, where the facade can shape our entire perception of a space, creating an impression that continues even as we step inside and explore the interior. For this reason it's important that the facade of your house looks beautiful, interesting, and makes a statement that reflects your personal style, and the vision of the architects.

Today we're going to take a look at facades that use the two most ubiquitous building materials in modern construction; timber and concrete. Concrete is a cheap and versatile material that promises a sturdy structure and even temperatures, while timber allows for limitless possibilities in terms of form, as well as infusing your home with a sense of nature. Combine the two and you get a fascinating contrast of organic and man-made elements, and the kind of flexibility necessary for the most ambitious architects around to realise their innovative concepts.

We'll see homes that cover every style and movement in architecture, from avant-garde minimalist homes that push the boundaries to traditional mansions rich with history that tell stories of romance and intrigue. So join us and you'll find inspiration to build a home that is reliable and impressive whatever your personal taste.

1. An incredibly private home with a trendy cool brown colour palette and a modern sense of form

2. A unique enclosed timber balcony juts out from this adorable little suburban home

3. Timber slats are used as a beautiful detail to break up this minimalist concrete structure

4. Even the smallest amount of timber, here a tiny window frame, will have a huge impact on a concrete home

The Black & White House Földes Architects Minimalist house
Földes Architects

The Black & White House

Földes Architects

5. An intimately lit timber lined balcony produces a romantic atmosphere in this contemporary design

6. An impressive concrete home that uses timber slats to decorate the entranceway

7. This home is inspired by traditional suburban homes with its pitched roof, but takes it in a new and exciting direction.

Achterzijde villa Villa Delphia Industrial style houses
Villa Delphia

Achterzijde villa

Villa Delphia

8. Textured concrete gives the facade depth and character in this magical garden home

9. Concrete is cheap and versatile, making it ideal for the base structure, while timber slats give the facade colour and personality

10. A blend of materials will see this amazing Victorian mansion stand for centuries

11. A super contemporary concrete bottom floor contrasts the country cottage aesthetic of the upper floor

12. The light casts moody shadows across the textured concrete wall, while inside the entrance you find the warming homely tones of timber

13. Timber's natural variation in hue and grain makes it an organic decorative feature that will always look gorgeous

14. This home gives nothing away from the street view, in fact the only indication there is a home behind that wall is the timber feature

15. Horizontal and vertical timber slats cross on the facade, while a pure white concrete centre panel emphasises the sloping ceiling

16. The low ceiling swoops over the house like a wave, sheltering the rich timber beneath

17. This home features traditional and contemporary elements in equal measure, while concrete both supports the structure and provides visual interest

18. This trendy jet black home helps the timber fence to really stand out

19. Obviously concrete can't be used for garage doors, but using bright timber to contrast the white home was an inspired decision

20. This spectacular home mixes colours and textures in its unorthodox and highly creative design

21. Concrete fences are the surest way to keep your home safe, and with a house this enchanting we can see why they opted to use one

22. This home sits on a concrete foundation, while the veranda is made from timber in order to protect the home from flooding and water damage

23. While certainly inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the earthy tones and concrete place this home firmly in the 21st century

24. Timber slat fences allow light and air penetration, but still maintain privacy for those within

25. This fascinating and sleek home looks like a series of boxes made from different materials were dropped on one another!

26. The bright gold of the timber door complements the warm tones of the concrete and brick

27. Set in a lush garden you'll find a home like no other that seamlessly blends concrete, timber, and stone in a contemporary design

28. This ultra modern design uses a cooling green colour with timber elements to invoke the colour palette of a marsh

29. Sturdy concrete bases allow architects to realise impossible looking concepts

30. The organic variation in the timber provides a counterpoint to the matte finish on this home that is simple yet full of personality

31. This home makes a huge impression for its small size with an elegant symmetry that's enhanced by the horizontal timber slats

32. This post-modern masterpiece features huge glass windows, decorative timber panelling, and a unique concrete structure unlike anything we've seen before!

So many breathtaking designs, with only one combination of materials! To take a look at a home that features concrete and timber elements up close join us for a tour through this magical home!

Let us know which house was your favourite in the comments!

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