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If you love to entertain, and you can't think of a better way to spend an evening than inviting friends and family to share in a fabulous meal, fine wine, and stimulating conversation, then you already understand the importance of having a beautiful dining room. The dining room table is the setting for some of the most important moments of our life; intimate first dates, celebratory dinners, and of course holiday festivities, so it deserves careful thought and consideration when it comes to the design.

With that in mind we're going to take a look at some truly spectacular designs, each one with an individual sense of style and a whole lot of personality, to inspire you in your own search for the perfect dining room. You'll find every interior decorating movement represented in this list, from the intoxicating charm of shabby chic, to the hip and trendy character of industrial decor, so join us as we explore the possibilities and take a close look at the expert work of the homify professionals!

1. Natural elements

The decorators of this dining room have complemented the splendid timber floors and furniture with living greens provided by the pot plants, giving this dining room a natural vibe that's cooling and hip.

2. Charming trattoria vibe

S's house, dwarf dwarf Scandinavian style dining room

The white brick tiles and open kitchen give this dining room the feel of a charming trattoria, while the decor is light and bright and marked by bursts of summery yellow.

3. Contrasting textures

The first thing you notice about this dining room is that remarkable floor, and the way the interesting textures contrast the unvarnished timber of the dining table. This design is filled with colour, but the subdued palette ensures it is not overwhelming.

4. Simple and casual

Each chair in this fantastic dining table set has a different personality, one for the mother, father, and baby, while a bench offers a casual option for guests.

5. A picturesque view

Enormous, almost full wall windows flood this dining room with light, but more importantly they pull that magical garden into the decor. It looks more like a landscape from a master artist, but we assure you it's all real, and we can't think of a more relaxing and tranquil view to set the tone.

6. Simple and effective

This contemporary design features polished concrete floors and unvarnished timber ceilings for a simple minimalist take on the family dining room.

7. An intimate table for two

A low hanging paper lantern hangs above this small dining room table, creating an intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner.

8. Industrial chic

This two-storey high dining room mixes concrete, timber, and plaster for an industrial aesthetic that looks hip and modern; we especially like those hanging lightbulbs that give this room a trendy urban atmosphere.

9. Cafe style

If you live in a shared apartment then you're going to love this idea of creating a little cafe inside your home by opting for three small tables rather than one big one. Of course if you have a dinner party you can push them all together, but we love the way they've taken inspiration from commercial design and brought it into a home setting.

10. Half traditional, half modern

For those of us stuck between two worlds comes a table that blends the traditional Japanese chabudai with the modern Western dining room table. On one side you'll find seats, while an elevated platform allows people to sit crosslegged on mats or cushions on the other; who says you can't please everyone!

11. Compact and cosy

This sweet and homely design finds space for a dining room despite the small size of the home by placing a long table against the kitchen counter.

12. The dining room of the future

Truly the work of master decorators this dining room sees monochromatic features paired with the natural earthy tones of timber for a really contemporary look.

13. A unified aesthetic

It's rare that you see a kitchen made entirely from timber, but it serves as the inspiration for this simple and expansive dining room. The sloping ceiling and full wall windows make this a bright and airy space.

14. Keeping it simple

People often overdo the decorations in a dining room, eager to impress guests, but sometimes keeping it simple is far more effective as we can see from the dried tree sculpture that really makes this decor.

15. Chabudai

The chabudai is a traditional Japanese style of dining table that's less than 30 centimetres from the ground, surrounded by cushions or mats to sit on. It's a great option for casual dining, creating an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Here they've used gorgeous lime green mats to introduce a whole new element to the neutral decor.

16. Lights make the decor

People rarely exploit the full potential of lighting to really make an impact on the decor. That's certainly not the case here where they've used different styles of lights to demarcate the different aspects of the open plan living area, with three gentle hanging lamps suspended from the ceiling marking the dining room.

17. Spacious and bright

This enormous living area uses a white colour palette and a glossy floor to make the space feel even bigger! The dining room table is simply an extension of the kitchen island in an interesting development of the breakfast bar.

18. An interior balcony

On the upper floor of this hip industrial home that features rough unpolished concrete and beautiful timber floors you'll find the kitchen and dining room. One entire wall of the room is dedicated to a huge window that looks onto the balcony, making this almost feel like an exterior space that's protected from the elements.

19. A toasty dining room

We can't think of anything better than enjoying a hearty meal with the family right next to a crackling fire! It's rare that you see a fireplace in the dining room, but it looks positively dreamy.

20. Vintage leather

The seats of this table are upholstered with vintage leather to give this home a rough and rustic charm to complement the unvarnished timber dining table.

21. Fresh air

This dining room features a sliding door that completely opens the space up to the backyard, filling it with fresh air and making it the perfect space for a summer barbecue!

Such beautiful designs, and while there were many shared elements each had a unique sense of style, so don't be afraid to copy anything you like. Now that you've got plenty of inspiration for the dining room, check out these amazing tips for the kitchen!

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