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Sliding doors- A creative space saving solution

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With rising land costs and a shortage of buildable space, our houses are getting increasing smaller, particularly in the urban areas.

As a result, architects and interior designers have to devise innovative and cost effective solutions to tackle the space crunch. Sliding doors have been long looked at as a mechanism that not only saves space but are also high on aesthetic value. Typically, a sliding door is supported on top rails and slides over bottom guides. Depending upon the kind of design the sliding shutters can be concealed in the wall cavity or kept exposed. Further, one can also conceal top and bottom fixing hardware to give the space a far sleeker look.

Read on further to know more, perhaps you can find inspiration for your house…

Frosted glass panels

This living room features a sleek 3-panel sliding door partition that separates it from the rest of the house. With a sleek surrounding frame and concealed top and bottom hardware, these frosted panels add a very sleek touch to the living area.

Panoramic bedroom window

With an exquisite outside view, this bedroom with a sliding glass window allows its users the pleasure of enjoying nature in all its glory while idling cozily on their bed. The sliding partitions are fabricated from clear glass panels and are held by a thin metal trim that gives it a very sleek look.

For the kitchen

We all love open kitchens but are usually wary of the additional demands of maintenance and cleaning that comes with it. To tackle this, the architects of this house have installed a two shutter sliding door which when open gives the impression of an open plan kitchen. The sliding glass shutters are supported on exposed top rails and are provided with a nice graffiti which compliments the entire space.

Sleek metal and glass partition

This industrial looking partition consists of fixed as well as sliding shutters. The solid black frames, clear glass, and symmetrically divided partitions give the entire setting a very sleek industrial look. We especially loved how the entire partition was designed to complement the wooden columns and beams.

For enhanced privacy

If you desire a higher degree of privacy in your bedroom, you can install a frosted glass partition as seen in this house. Frosted partitions are inexpensive and when installed keeping in consideration the surrounding elements, can do wonders to enhance the overall aesthetics of any given space.

Concealed within the wall

Sliding partitions do not always have to be exposed. If space allows, you can definitely opt for a concealed sliding partition which not only looks neater but also allows more flexibility of space. For a concealed paritition, the shutters can be slid in the wall cavity on which the door frame is fixed. Further, the door hardware can also be hidden by means of coves or thicker door frames with space to install the hardware.

Minimalist charm

One of the best aspects about sliding partition is that they can allow you that extra bit of space which conventional doors cannot allow. In this house, the sliding partition allows for adequate space to position the small dining table which in case of a conventional hinged door might have been a difficult task to execute.

Artistic solid panels

This living area looks stunning courtesy of the two solid gray sliding shutters that contrasts beautifully with the horizontally striped rear wall. We especially loved how the height of the door is creatively utilized to hide the door hardware.

Sleek metal edges

With large glass panels and a very sleek metal frame, this sliding partition looks extremely elegant. As a result of the sliding shutters, the architects derived more space to accommodate in the large kitchen island as well the comfortable seating units on either ends. To maintain the continuity of the wooden flooring, the architects have opted for a top hung rail system which imparts the entire setting a much sleeker appeal.

Stripped shutters

This horizontally striped sliding door is the perfect fit for spaces that desire partial privacy such as office cabins or meeting rooms. The clean lines of the shutter beautifully complement the sleek decor of the house while at the same time allows in ample of natural light to maintain the positive ambiance of the space.

To conceal the wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are often the tightest spaces in any house and hence benefit the most from space saving solutions. In this house, the wardrobe benefits extensively from the sliding shutters which allow it better space utilization and thus more space to accommodate in the huge inventory of clothes and other personal accessories.

Japanese charm

Sliding doors have been native to Japan for centuries and have been extremely efficient in improving space utilization. Taking cues from the Japanese masters, the architects of this house have provided the living space with a sleek sliding wooden door that can be concealed in the wall cavity.

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