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13 functional design solutions for small homes

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Limited space doesn't mean limited capabilities and size is not always the basis for feasibility of a house. A home's worth isn't based on what it can house, but how well it adapts to the needs and wants of the owner. 

Circumventing space limitations can be difficult when you don't have a professional interior designer for a best friend, but that's why you have us here at homify. We contact the best of the best in the trade and get their ideas and solutions for your inquiries. 

Today we have 13 functional designs for small homes, be it a pint-sized house or a tiny apartment. Our ideas range from furniture arrangement and colour palette to the more involved resolutions like additions (or even subtractions). Let this article be a guide for you and your home and don't forget to let us know which idea you'd like to try in your home!

1. Multi-functional dividers

As we all know, since space is so limited in a small home, it's best to incorporate furnishings that have multiple purposes. In this home, a room divider functions to separate the living room from the kitchen and also offers display and storage options.

2. Make use of subterranean elements

The first home on our list is a small ranch with a surprising twist. Ranch-style homes are famous for their single-storey structure and limited interior space. Some, but not all, are outfitted with basements–this happens to be a prime example of one that has one. The slightly-elevated home adds more storage space by utilising subterranean space.

3. Pure white

This space uses its colour palette as its design element. Pure white reflects light better than any other hue and enlarges a space beyond comprehension, that is unless you've seen it first-hand.

4. Installing shelves

This gorgeous rustic modern interior has the perfect space-saving solution. Overhead space is an overlooked solution. Not many of us want to store things above sight, but it's an untapped resource you'll be sorry not to use. These owners installed shelves for displaying accessories and storing books. With these elements out of vision, the interior looks cleaner and the brilliant wooden design can shine to its full extent.

5. Closet space

Closets aren't just for the bedroom, and they certainly aren't restricted in size, so why not dedicate an entire wall to closet space? This home uses a wood-paneled door to hide everything from extra blankets and pillows to clothes and shoes. Out od sight, out of mind.

6. A loaded entertainment centre

This home uses its entertainment centre as its multi-functional furnishing. Cubbies offer places to display accessories and movies, and because they don't have closed backs, the room feels more open.

7. Low-lying furniture

Tall furnishings take up a lot of visual space, even if they're slim. Low-lying furniture, however, keeps your room feeling uncluttered. Consider taking your tall and bulky furnishings out of there and replace them with something a little more subtle.

8. Using all your wall space

Walls are the perfect place to hang decorations and pictures because your accessories are off the floor, which leaves more space for another sofa or a comfortable papasan. This wall is especially unique because it uses protruding bricks as shelves. It creates a more uniform appearance and adds exquisite texture.

9. Combining spaces

This interior does something that we rarely see in a home–the dining room table stretches the length of the kitchen and has multiple seating options for informal dinners and a workbench for studies.

10. Using every nook and cranny

In the bathroom, space really becomes an issue, and smaller homes tend to not have rooms dedicated to washing and drying. So more often than not, you'll have to integrate your washer into your bathroom, and the best way to do that is under a preexisting counter.

11. In the kitchen

But of course, you can also have your washer in the kitchen. Again, you'll want it under a work surface so the enormous machine isn't blocking anything or getting in the way of your design scheme.

12. Hang your utensils

Speaking of the kitchen, when it comes to storing utensils and cookware, implementing a setup like this where you hang your kitchen equipment can come in handy. Everything you need is right in front of you and within arm's reach.

13. Partitions and work areas

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos Modern style study/office
Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Refurbishment for Cristina & Juan Carlos

Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos

Last up, an idea for the bedroom. You shouldn't have to sacrifice office space in a small home, and this combo partition/desk is the ideal solution. And see how the partition rests on clear glass? This enlarges the bedroom even more.

If you liked these ideas and need more help with your small home, be sure to check out these storage ideas.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? What have you done to save space in your small home? Let us know below!
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