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Top 5 design ideas for all home owners in Malaysia

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When a young couple decided to renovate their apartment on an extreme budget and ended up with a totally modern and functional home that fit their every desire, our readers jumped on the opportunity to read up on it and figure out a way to achieve the same result. This also made our readers curious about cost-effective homes and how to decorate them.

Because we like to be neat and tidy with how we help you, we've gathered all your interests in one place. We'll have great examples of economical housing, ideas for the kitchen and bathroom, and then gardens to top it off.

Enjoy your inspiration!

1. 15 kitchens that are perfect for small homes

A good kitchen is a necessity in any home. It should be well designed and have easy access to all you need while being discreet in the process. This is a harder thing to achieve in smaller homes, so we brought a few examples together of kitchens that are perfect for the pint-sized space. This kitchen is part of an open concept and neatly hides all crockery and utensils behind closed cabinets so as not to distract from the dining room atmosphere.

For more perfect kitchen ideas, check out the rest of the article.

2. A young couple with little money magically remodeled their apartment

First up, we have the home that started it all. A lifeless apartment was transformed into an exuberant and trendy paradise. Bold orange set against striking black and white furnishings creates a modern home that the neighbours envy. The rest of the home exhibits the same colour scheme of white, ashy wood, solid black and popping orange, yet in no area of the home is it overcrowded or tacky. Truly a remarkable transformation.

The rest of this home is just as spectacular as the living area, so don't miss your chance to see it.

3. The top 20 cost-effective small homes

modern Houses by Pracownia Projektowa ARCHIPELAG
Pracownia Projektowa ARCHIPELAG

PROJEKT DOMU LOTE G2—przytulna harmonia w nowoczesnym wydaniu

Pracownia Projektowa ARCHIPELAG

Speaking of cheap things, let's talk about economical housing. We traveled around the world in our library of images and found 20 homes that vary in price range, but are all affordable and currencies are listed as the Malaysian ringgit, so you know exactly how much you can afford no matter where you are in the world.

There are 19 more houses waiting for your thoughts.

4. 7 excellent ideas you can copy from this great house

If you're looking for other great houses to copy and the modern minimalist scheme is up your alley, this home is a must-see. This home teaches you how you can best design each room, especially if you want to pull off the bold and brash black and white colour scheme. This bathroom emphasises natural light and plays with it using the glossy tiles and white walls. Throw in black accents at the sink, and you have the makings of a modern bathroom.

There are six more ideas you can get from this creative home. Check it out and see what you can apply to yours.

5. Gardens that fit perfectly in every home

classic Garden by RVB PAYSAGE

jardin après travaux


Last up, something for the exterior. We spend so much time worrying about our interior that we often forget what lies outside. But to fix that, sometimes all it takes is a simple garden like the one we see here. Cute, compact, fresh and full of life, who knew that such a small addition could change the look and feel of your façade so much? And these garden ideas we have aren't just for outdoors–some can be transferred inside to brighten up your interior.

We hope you enjoyed this week's Top 5 segment, and we'll see you next time!

Which home helped you the most with designing yours? Let us know below!
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