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So you're a sophisticated, modern, worldly traveller looking for an apartment to match your intelligence and style. What exactly does that consist of? 

To help you figure that out, we're taking you to Rome to visit a beautiful 150 square metre apartment brought to us by the architects at  Archenjoy. This apartment has it all–a clean and tidy colour palette, top of the line equipment, functional placement and accessories and and an ambience that will leave you relaxed and pampered. The home doesn't boast unnecessary style–only that of pure, minimalist elegance. And perhaps the most surprising thing about this home is that is was constructed at a price of only RM 469,240.00.

We know this home will provide the perfect inspiration for all of you enlightened souls out there!

Refined featuers

We start our tour in the kitchen, where many people start their day. Pure, pristine white fills every corner of this home and is balanced out with warm hardwood flooring and black accent pieces and furnishings. The immaculate snowy white that decorates the home appears in a two textures throughout the home, from matte to glossy in order to add differentiation in each space. Accessories from around the world decorate this space–clay vases from South America, a candelabra from the Middle East and decorative China are just a few of the awe-inspiring decor we see in this room and all over the home. 

Backing up

Moving out of the kitchen and into the main living spaces, we see that the cooking area is completely encased in a glass structure. There's no better way of sectioning off a part of your home without visual obstruction than to use transparent glass, and this design gives quite a classy impression. 

We can also see that the wall closest to us houses a lot more of these worldly accessories. Refined figurines, frames of parchment, a dish of pure silver and even a cute little Bonsai tree fill up these cubbies in a decorative, yet restrained manner.

Space integration

This image shows us what the space looks like when the residents open up the glass partition. The kitchen becomes one with the dining area, which is simply and elegantly decorated with minimal furnishings. The apartment remains open and airy due to the sleek and unadorned furnishings.


Large doors and windows illuminate the interior and small, clever spotlights on the ceiling add warm light at any time of day. Floor-to-ceiling curtains add urbane and practical ornamentation. The lighting in this apartment gives it a special touch by adding warmth and charm to the room.

The living area

In this room, we see nothing but a pure, cultivated aesthetic. Neutral, plush furnishings set the scene for a comfortable and relaxing area while contributing a timeless, classic elegance to the home. A decorative house plant brightens things up among a sea of beige tones.


A closer look at the dining tale reveals sophisticated elements. The table top is made from thin marble, a prime choice for anyone looking to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The master bedroom

Also characterised by pristine white, the bedroom comes across as a purely tranquil space. Light white curtains attribute airiness to the atmosphere and plush bedding invites us for a cosy rest.

Simple and lovely

The bedroom is no more decorated than the rest of the home, save for a couple small chalices on the headboard. The headboard itself is something quite original and provides both decorating options and the illusion of depth. It is a protrusion of the wall which leaves a pleasant display of shadows. Decorative glass windows complete the sophisticated feel of the room.

The bathrooms

These residents are fortunate enough to have two bathrooms in their apartment, and this first one replicates the same unadorned style we've become accustomed to from the rest of the home.

The second washroom

In the second washroom, we find something entirely different. Patterned tiles fill this space, but as we might expect from this simple home, the patterns are muted and not overwhelming in the slightest. This keeps a uniform feeling of purity and style throughout the home. And of course, this space wouldn't be complete without some sort of worldly decoration. On the counter, another colourful vase like the ones we saw in the kitchen adorns this plain room and adds even more appeal.

Everything included

We've seen how beautifully this home is outfitted with luxurious and practical furnishings, and our last piece to show you is on the opposite wall of the bathroom. Not only does this space have a standing shower, but also a deep tub for long soaks after a hard day's work. This home really has it all, even down to the last minute, relaxing detail.

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Does this apartment look like it would suit your worldly personality? Let us know below!

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