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 Here at homify we often talk about family homes, as we try to find solutions for creating a great family environment. However, it’s less frequent that we look specifically at children’s rooms.

 A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing; they can turn a benign object into an integral part of a magical adventure and get hours of amusement from the simplest of things.  Of course, children are also very sensitive, and at times fickle, so it’s not always easy to ensure that they feel comfortable, safe and content. It can be hard to design a great room for your child; how do we inspire their imaginations while ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable?

 To help address this problem, today we’ve put together a list of ten really creative kids’ rooms that’ll hopefully inspire you to create a great bedroom for your child. Let’s take a look…

1. A tremendous tree house

 This wonderful bunk bed in a classic tree house design brings an element of whimsy to a fairly stylish kid’s room with plenty of natural light, and a child sized desk for study and creative projects.

2. A room within a room

 Number two on our list sticks to a similar theme, but this time the more rustic bunk bed comes with shutters transforming the bed into a cosy, safe and secluded space.

3. A cool and colourful space

 This crazy, modern kid’s room by architects, AIS Designs, combines vivid colours and curved shapes to create a really unique environment.

4. A whimsical wonderland

room for girls "Alice in Wonderland" Your royal design Nursery/kid’s room
Your royal design

room for girls Alice in Wonderland

Your royal design

 This eccentric design inspired by the work of author, Lewis Carroll, has transformed an ordinary room into a whimsical wonderland.

5. A nautical nursery

 A sailing boat for a bed, a perry buoy hanging from the wall, and best of all, a crow’s nest attached to the wall with some rigging to climb; this is a little pirate’s dream bedroom!

6. Perfect for a little princess

 From pirates to princesses: this bright and colourful bedroom features a chandelier, a castle mural on the wall, and baby blue and pink drapes that enshroud the bed turning it into a cosy, safe space fit for a princess.

7. A nursery with a Native American theme

 This colourful kid’s room combines creative shelving that turns a wall into a little home, and a tipi for a colourful and fun place to play.

8. A kid’s room with a climbing wall!

 This amazing room is a child’s dream! Here children can get creative with a chalkboard wall, expend some energy rock climbing and then watch television when they’re tired out.

9. Space themed and super-stylish

 Number nine on our list is a particularly spectacular space, with a really interesting sci-fi/space theme. However, if you look at the beautiful dark wooden floor, elegant crown moulding on the ceiling and even the unique light fixture it’s easy to imagine how a few changes in the furnishings could transform this room into an equally amazing bedroom for an adult as the child grows.

10. An astonishing attic space

 Finally we have an astonishing alpine attic space featuring an abundance of wood, an actual tree and rope ladders leading to different levels that make the whole room feel as though it’s atop a gigantic tree house.

 On the subject of amazing attic rooms for kids, check out how this rundown attic became the perfect playroom.

Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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