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Bedroom, 7 cost-saving ideas: Your guide to a beautiful bedroom

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We all desire our houses to be as beautiful as we see in design magazines. However, most of us are of the opinion that such houses are too expensive and could probably burn a big hole in our pockets. But, what if we said that is not always the case?

Refurbishing a house could end up being painstakingly expensive and time-consuming. However, with the right designers, experienced workmen and by being open to creative ideas, one can definitely achieve outstanding results within the allocated budget and time frame. 

To give you some practical examples, we have sorted for you 7 bedroom design ideas that not only look elegant but can also be achieved within modest budgets. If this excites you, then you must read on further, perhaps you might find some much-needed inspiration for your bedroom!

A collage of photos

How many times have we taken photos of our loved ones or of exotic locations just for them to stay in our hard drives? An assortment of photos can prove to be an extremely inexpensive and creative design option. Notice how beautifully the photos are stuck to this wall to create a canvas of life stories!

The magic of mirrors

It is incredible how a simple mirror can work miracles within an area, not only for its ability to visually increase the space but also for its potential to improve the overall aesthetics.

Inside the room, the mirror is always very useful, even if it is just to check if we are all well arranged. You can choose to place it horizontally or vertically, in front, on the side or even on top of the bed, just like in this room.

A creative headboard

Rather than opting for expensive beds having the same repeated headboard designs, you can fabricate your own headboard as we see in this example. While fabricating your headboard, you can choose from a host of materials such as wood, cushion boards, metal, etc. In this bedroom, the users have created their personalised headboard by simple horizontal wooden strips that are directly attached to the wall. 

An inexpensive and personalized solution, isn't it?

A suspended guitar

Like music? Then you will definitely be a fan of this suggestion. A beautiful guitar suspended on the wall of the room not only brings out your musical side but also the kindles the soul. Of course, you can make the same decoration with any other musical instrument and be guaranteed to the have the same positive effects.

Tiny ledges

Ledges are perhaps the most widely installed interior designing elements, be it in living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms. They are quite affordable and can be fabricated in various sizes and colors to suit your requirements.

Choose to place a ledge in one of the walls of your room, whether it be over the bed or another wall. You can adorn it with pictures, frames with your photographs, candles or even flowers. We assure you, it will add a whole new vibe to your space!

Side table units

A lot of the times we unnecessarily complicate things and choose expensive solutions under the impression that they will give us the best results.

Not that expensive elements are unsuitable, but sometimes by being creative, we can not only enhance the aesthetics of our house but also save some hard earned money. As is seen in this example, the architects have replaced the traditional bedside tables with handcrafted units, a rather unconventional but an extremely artistic solution.

The beauty of textiles

Textiles are perhaps one of the most under-rated design elements although they range from being utilized in fabricating curtains, carpets, bedsheets, etc. You can find countless textile patterns with varying texture, colors, and costs. Choose the correct type and see how it changes the entire look and feel of your space.

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