Semi-open kitchens: the ideal compromise!

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So you have a new home or you're thinking of remodeling. Do you want an open or closed kitchen? This decision can be quite a difficult fight. Do you want a seamless transition between rooms to create more space and friendliness, or should you lock up the odors and respect the moment of relaxation of others while the hood is running?

We here at homify don't like fighting. We like compromise. And for that, we found the perfect alternative: the semi-open kitchen! Today we present nine semi-open kitchens which we hope will inspire you to find the perfect design for your home. Ranging from minimal to eclectic, the semi-open kitchen provides solutions for any type of home and once you've found your favourite elements, you can even mix and match for your own defined style. 

Enjoy the selection!

2. The canopy

Our first design is the canopy. It limits the circulation of odours without darkening the room or breaking the space, creating a free flow of energy and communication. Not to mention the industrial style it creates around it.

3. Canopy with door

Here's the same design, but this time with a door. Our sight is still unobstructed and it gives a little more privacy to those slaving away over a fresh, hot meal.

4. White designs

If the industrial side of the black canopy does not suit you, do not hesitate to paint it (or buy it… ) in another colour, as in white, which will add to the aerial effect of the windows.

5. Sliding doors

Sometimes our homes come with predefined spaces, such as this kitchen. Already half-enclosed, the space doesn't need much tweaking to partially separate it from the dining area. But there is one thing we could do to liven things up a bit. Sliding doors are the perfect addition for any space you want to leave part way open and after contacting the right professionals, they're completely painless to install, not to mention economical.

6. Restricted opening

This next design is one of our favourites. The false ceiling which blocks the flow of odors is also fitted with an integrated hood, making it an extreme styling element with full practicality. The half wall is grandiose: it has the dual function of separating the kitchen from the rest of the room but also serves as furniture.

The big advantage of this design is that when you are standing up when you are cooking, for example, you will see what happens in the room next to you and will continue to converse with your guests. On the other hand when sitting at the table, the rest of the world no longer exists in your eyes. A genius design!

7. Smoked glass

This kitchen is the perfect combo of everything we have seen up to this point: a sliding door, a white and light frame and a transparency that lets light pass through. Plus, the smoked glass that allows the kitchen to remain a mystery without obscuring things creates a shrinking effect for the home.

When opened…

Once we draw back the sliding door, the wonder of a narrow, yet beautifully outfitted kitchen is revealed. Even when the partition is removed, we have visual separation of spaces thanks to the different flooring types–another great trick for separating spaces, especially when you are unsure of adding doors and partitions.

These two designs handsomely display folding walls. Both designed with discreet, sophisticated black frames around crystal clear glass, these kitchens open up a whole new world to their residents.

One-third of the wall of this kitchen serves as a bar, while another third serves as a screen and storage area. The last third remains open to let the passage of air and light through.

9. A little corner

Our last idea is cute and unconventional for those with smaller homes. Original separation with rustic unfinished wooden beams partially enclose a bright blue and quirky kitchen.

For more on kitchen planning, check out this piece on the pros and cons of an open kitchen.

Which idea would work best in your home? We'd love to know in the comments section below!

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