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Bunk beds for the kids!

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Decorating bedrooms for the kids is a lot of fun, mostly because you get to live out all of your own childhood dreams of the perfect bedroom vicariously through them. You don't have to worry about being trendy or hip or sophisticated when decorating a child's bedroom, instead you get to be fun and frivolous, picking furnishings and decorations that give the room a sense of whimsy and excitement.

Bunk beds are a classic in the kids' bedroom, and even some adults secretly harbour a desire to have some in their own bedroom. They're also a super practical option if you have more children than you do spare bedrooms, or if your kids are always having sleepovers. Some of the bunk beds we'll look at today are also multifunctional, fitting in drawers and even desks to make arranging the bedroom that much easier. So join us as we take a look at 11 amazing bunk beds that are so comfy and charming they're impossible to resist!

1. A cabinet bunk

This fantastic design blends the closet and beds into one easy unit that saves space, and looks very trendy doing it!

2. Master craftsmanship

This bunk bed has been built with the dedication and craftsmanship of a home, and even comes with a staircase rather than a ladder! The beautiful woodwork gives this bunk sophistication and class, and with a double bed down below and a single on top it's perfect for young teenagers who still love a good sleepover.

3. A magical hideaway

This magical bunk has been built to look just like a treehouse, and even comes with built in lamps for a little late night reading. If you have a creative idea for a bunk bed like this we highly recommend you talk to a carpenter about getting something built just for you, or if you love DIY you could build it yourself!

4. Vibrant colours

The vibrant lime green panels beautifully complement the timber for a fun and dynamic decor. The structure of the bunks is really interesting, with a smaller bunk on top and a bookshelf on the end that makes this a practical space saving choice.

5. Suspended from the ceiling

This design deconstructs the concept of the bunk bed and reimagines it with a bed suspended a quarter of the way up the ceiling by a rope (don't worry it's also attached to the wall). The ladder to the bed continues up to a loft play area above, making this a truly creative space for the kids.

6. Playhouse bunk beds

We don't suggest choosing this bunk if you have two kids sharing the room; they'll always be arguing about who gets to sleep up top and slide down in the morning! A fun design like this really captures the spirit of children so that even going to bed at night is an adventure!

7. Practical and multifunctional

This highly practical design features drawers below, and bookshelves and a fold out desk on the end for the kids to do their homework. Multifunctional furniture is great for kids' bedrooms as it reduces the amount of furniture needed, freeing up precious floor area for playing!

8. Perpendicular bunks

Flexible sleeping combinations for tight spaces Nubie Kids Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs
Nubie Kids

Flexible sleeping combinations for tight spaces

Nubie Kids

One of the greatest strengths of the bunk bed is that you can fit in two beds with half the floor space, but this corner design makes up for that by using the space beneath the beds for storage.

9. A delicate design

The unvarnished timber in this room matches the pink and lilac colour palette beautifully, while the thin timber poles are equal parts safety measure and decorative element. The beds only overlap slightly, allowing the upper bed to be lower to ensure the kids aren't bumping their heads when they wake up suddenly in the night.

10. All the furniture you need

This amazing design uses the space above the closet for a second bed, with every spare inch used for storage; even the stairs to the upper bunk are drawers!

11. Double bunks

If you come from a big family that likes to celebrate the holidays together then you need as many spare beds as possible, so even if you have two kids sharing a room, giving them each a bunk bed will make life a whole lot easier.

Bunk beds aren't just fun for the kids, they're also highly practical, and as you can see there's so many different approaches! Now that you've got the kids sorted, it's time to get some inspiration for your own bedroom!

Let us know in the comments which bunk beds you think your kids would love the most!
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