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80m² apartment is renovated with a reduced budget

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 Today we’re taking a look at an inspiring project by architects, Ark in Progress. The apartment, located in Cesena in northern Italy, has been completely renovated; transforming a drab, rundown property into a super-stylish modern home. However, what makes the project particularly intriguing is that it was undertaken as a practical demonstration of how a limited budget can yield a high quality result in only a short time. That’s right; this stunning renovation was achieved at a reduced cost! Let’s see how they’ve managed it…

​Before the work began

 Here we have the living room as it was before the work began, which is particularly fitting as an emphasis was placed on the living room and kitchen in the remodel. We can see from this shot of the living room that there’s quite a lot of space to work with, but the décor was in drastic need of an overhaul with yellow walls and pretty unappealing brown tiles on the floor.

​A new lease on life for the living room

 Above we have the stunning modern living room after the remodel. As well as looking spectacular, the home has undergone some structural changes too with the wall between the living room and kitchen having been removed. The apartment’s new design was intended to transform perception of the space to that of a comfortable and prestigious living environment, but in addition there was a specific intention to maximise existing space by strengthening the link between kitchen and living room creating one seamless environment.

​A closer look at the kitchen

 As previously mentioned the décor is deliberately uniform throughout the kitchen, living room and dining room; comprised of impactful modern design that’s sufficiently understated so as to create an elegant, refined look.

 An attractive wood effect design has been laid above the existing floor giving the space character as well as increasing the perception of quality.

​Reshaped for space and light

 Looking back toward the living room from the kitchen it’s easy to see why the architects opted for the new open-plan layout; although the kitchen itself is modest in size, it now feels incredibly spacious, and light can travel unimpeded through the home from the large windows in the living room.

​Impeccable organisation

 The gorgeous glass dining table sits neatly between the home’s entrance and the living room, blending into the surrounding environment and serving as a point of distinction between the areas of the home.

​Spectacular storage

 The custom cabinets that line the wall of the living room add an air of refinement thanks to their classic style, while simultaneously ensuring that the 80 m² apartment has surplus storage space.

​A bathroom exuding contemporary elegance

 The beautiful modern bathroom has been completely revised both in terms of materials and amenities, with a large shower replacing the old bathtub that previously occupied the space. The room has a charming, natural feel to it thanks to the use of wood and stone, and a definitively modern, on-trend ambiance with features such as the circular washbasin.

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