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When you want to pull off a simple, refined, and sincere atmosphere, there's nothing better suited for you than the Scandinavian style. With a focus on light, muted colours mixed with wood and clean lines, this aesthetic imparts a classical nature, one of polished sophistication, but also one of total comfort.

We have the perfect Scandinavian interior to show you today for all of your inspirational needs when designing with this style. The tiny apartment was designed by the interior architects at Finchstudio and consists of all the fundamental basic principles of the style, plus a few out-of-the-ordinary accessories.

Take note of each purposeful design element and just imagine how good it would look in your home!

A quiet study

Although this home is small, the residents still found room for a personal office. Small furnishings in muted colours adorn this space and provide the perfect calming atmosphere for work and study. As plants are another staple of this design, a small potted plant was placed on the centre coffee table. These delicate accent pieces also appeared in the living and dining areas of the home for a fresh and lively boost.

Living in style

Upon entering the home, we are met with a beautiful, neutral design and well-spaced furniture arrangement. Scandinavian apartments are typically painted white or light grey to help keep spaces bright and feeling cohesive. An area rug designates the living area and softens the hardwood floors, while a change in flooring entirely separates the kitchen from the main living space. But let's not forget the unique change in wall colour that defines the living room.

Fun decor

There isn’t a great deal of ornate or excessive detailing found in Scandinavian homes. Modern, clean lined and solid pieces are much more in tune with the style and are actually a defining feature. But as we can see, this home adds a little something extra. Multiple hanging silver lamps and decorative globes add dazzling and sophisticated charm without overwhelming the senses. It's the perfect sleek, shiny, eye-catching addition to an otherwise neutral interior.

A cosy bedroom

The Scandinavian home might not use a ton of pillows or blankets to decorate, but the ones that do end up in the interior are sure to double as both a practical  and cosy warming element, as well as a stylish way to add texture when it’s not being used. We saw an example of that with the faux fur rug on the office floor, and now we can see it in the bedroom. And because this design focuses so heavily on decluttered spaces, storage options are a must. In this room, one wall is dedicated to closet space, showing only a thin opening where books can be displayed.

Immaculate design

Our final stop in this humbling yet sophisticated home is the bathroom. Exhibiting the same neutral grey colour scheme as the rest of the home, the bathroom remains in unison and even has warm wood as an accent to soften the atmosphere. The bathroom contains only necessities in the most streamlined fashion you could imagine–anything superfluous doesn't belong in Scandinavian design and is seen only as a clutter item. 

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