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Small Japanese houses you should get inspired from

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
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We all think of our home as a place of sanctuary where we relax, take our meals, sleep and also spend time with our family. In recent times, requests however are leaning toward smaller houses and apartments. These new homes spread horizontally rather than expanding the living space vertically. However, the spread to the side can also create space. We introduce to you today 40 such styles of small homes. They all have one thing in common, they are very unique and unusual. With this list, you are sure to find your favorite one!

2. A home design resembling a roof-top

4. Spacious wooden house with a high ceiling

5. One floor home which has a sloping dimension

6. Chic design where the long courtyard extends away from the house

7. An open studio where you have enough space inside and outside

9. House with a minimal but pleasing courtyard

11. A flat box style house with amazing view

12. House resistant to flooding

13. A privacy protected home

14. Minimalist house that is like no other (at least in this neighbourhood)

15. A house built using traditional construction method Yasugi

18. A house creating enough relaxing space

19. A house that is in touch with its garden

20. Home that has enough of open space but keeping its private sphere nonethless

22. A glass home that enjoys the sea view

25. Black house that stands out even in snowy weather

26. Simple and tasteful living space

27. House with a perfect courtyard where the noise is of no consequence

28. Mini home with a pleasant and comfortable terrace

30. Home in perfect line where only sky is the limit

31. Natural atmosphere

32. Bright home in the middle of natural aspect

33. Green rooftop and garden to dream about

34. A touch of lovely Japanese ambience

35. Small secluded home in a busy neighboorhood

37. Wooden contemporary cabin in the vicinity of mountains

39. A tiny home where you can enjoy simple natural life

40. A home with a wall extending to its garden

What did you think of these unusual homes? Would you consider one for yourself?  Tell us!
modern Houses by FingerHaus GmbH

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