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Window grilles for your house

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Big windows can elevate a home from fine to fabulous. However, they can often pose a problem—especially where thieves are concerned! No one wants to come home to find their belongings have disappeared, but how can we protect our homes while still ensuring that they have enough light?

The answer? Window grilles! Don't turn your nose up—they've come a long way. There's no need to make your home look like a prison anymore. Check out these nine fantastically beautiful examples, and then call a professional to get yours fitted!

1. Mediterranean style

These simple wrought iron bars have a touch of the Mediterranean about them, especially when they are combined with fresh white walls, natural wooden window frames and a host of colourful plants.

2. Delicate and white

These vintage style shutters aren't just a pretty addition to this monochrome bathroom—they're protective, too! Not only do they discourage thieves from breaking in, but they also shield the inside of the home from view, keeping valuables hidden  and privacy maintained.

3. French bars

Don't ditch elegance in favour of protection—choose both! This classy French window looks delicate and refined, but it is actually reinforced with painted wrought iron bars on the outside and hefty shutters inside the room.

4. Kitchen cage

These traditional window bars might look like the walls of a cage in another context, but in this modern, understated kitchen they give the whole room a bit of an industrial edge! We especially love how the bars blend in with the black window frames, making the protective element of this grille more subtle.

5. Barely-there glamour

Look closely… can you see the bars? Yes, it took us a second, too! This wire-thin grille might seem dainty, but in reality the bars are reinforced. No one is getting through those windows! The secure front is completed by heavy Venetian blinds, which block the outside world from looking into the home.

6. A decorative cover

Who said bars have to be brutal? This steel bamboo plant provides protection for this small window, but looks more like a decorative feature than a security grille. Make no mistake, though—this spiky safekeeper is TOUGH!

7. Lattice work

Windows that don't need to let in lots of light can be protected with an intricate lattice grille, like the one seen above. This design blocks out a little more light, but also provides comprehensive coverage for your window and stops nosey neighbours from peeking inside.

8. European style

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains WAFFLE Design Windows & doorsCurtains & drapes

Bay Window William Morris Sill length Curtains


This kind of grille is built into the windows themselves, which toughens the structure while also adding a touch of European flair. These windows wouldn't look out of place on the townhouses of Amsterdam. The black on white colour balance is also a nice touch.

9. Loop the loop

Wrought iron is one of the most secure and durable materials around. If thick, traditional bars aren't your thing, why not mix it up a little and ask a professional to create a custom design for your windows? This one features long, leaf-shaped loops and intricate patterns. What can you come up with for your windows?

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Which grille would look great on your home?

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