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Sliding doors that will make your home look bigger

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Are your doors getting in the way of your space?

If you live in a small home, your answer is probably yes. But what can you do about this problem? Aren't doors permanent fixtures in a home?

Not necessarily! If you're willing to commit, you can easily change the structure of your home forever by replacing your conventional doors with sliding ones. Sliding doors fit straight alongside—or even into—the walls of your home, meaning that less space is taken up when they are left open. Think of all that space you could save in your home… it could be a game-changer!

Are you convinced yet? If so, browse this article and select your favourite. If not, take a look anyway because you soon will be…

1. French elegance

White doors with glass panels are chic and elegant—these ones wouldn't look out of place in a French country home. Keep them simple and refined, and use them to separate the kitchen from the living room.

2. A classic dream

These sliding doors add a touch of Baroque glamour to any home. The frosted glass allows light to flow through the home unimpeded, whilst still providing privacy and division to each room.

The golden pattern is repeated in various sizes on each panel, which makes this 18th century style design look fresh and up to date.

3. Simple and European

How strange—these sliding doors seem to disappear into the wall! This is the perfect solution for people who don't want to tear down walls to install double doors. 

This classic style can be fitted wherever a conventional door has been before, allowing more space and a cleaner look to the apartment. Go for full European charm by choosing black doors and contrasting them with crisp white walls.

4. Black and white squares

This is probably the most simple way to add a sliding door to your home. The two doors slide on a runner that is attached to the wall, and then tuck themselves away into the corners when they are not needed.

The design itself is unfussy but stylish, and has more than a hint of industrial coolness about it. The frosted panels could be made out of glass or tougher plastic, depending on how many children, animals or clumsy people live in the home!

5. Future cubes

If you like your life to look a little bit like the set of Gattaca, you'd do well to find a professional that can help you to recreate these bad boys.

These white and grey panels almost look like dozens of TV screens. The owners of this home have combined this sci-fi style with more traditional furnishings and contemporary neutral colours, which works like a dream. However, choose stark white and chrome decor if you really want to commit to this futuristic style.

6. Glass panels

Whoa, these glass doors really make this kitchen glow! It's hard to tell whether they lead to more of the house or out onto a balcony because of all the light streaming through, but one thing's for sure—they turn this kitchen from average into awesome.

Take a leaf out of the designer's book by matching your sliding doors to the rest of the design scheme. This cool grey and blue kitchen features strong lines and transparent contemporary furniture, so it makes sense that the frosted glass sliders have been chosen to complement these ideas.

7. Japanese zen

Take influence from traditional Japanese Shoji screens and choose a minimal, paper-thin door for your home. This light and elegant design prevents a home from feeling too stuffy, and it's lightweight design means that it glides open and shut without a sound.

8. Mirror, mirror

If you like to primp, preen and peacock around your home, why not add a few more reflective surfaces by choosing mirrored sliding doors? They have the double benefit of pandering to your vanity AND making your home look bigger—what's not to like?

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Which door would look great in your home?

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