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7 things you should throw away for a fresh start

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 2017 is well underway, and as we enter spring maybe it’s time to think about a fresh start. Little things can make a big difference to your environment, and sometimes new habits can alter your life for the better without the need for sudden drastic changes, so when we say a fresh start don’t worry; we’re not suggesting that you completely remodel your home.

 Of course if you do want to remodel your property that’s great! And you’ll certainly find a lot of ideas, advice and professionals to help you do it here at homify, however, what we’re looking at today are the small changes we can make that improve our home’s quality. Specifically, what we should replace. Let’s get started…

​1. Old blankets and towels

 Changing your blankets, quilts and sheets can revitalise your bedroom by bringing some new colours and patterns into the space.  Meanwhile, old towels look dishevelled and worn, and can make your bathroom look a little rundown.

​2. Replace your toothbrush

​“THE TOOTHBRUSH BY MISOKA”, the standing toothbrush PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER BathroomSinks

​“THE TOOTHBRUSH BY MISOKA”, the standing toothbrush


 It’s all too easily forgotten, but dentists recommend that we should change out toothbrushes every three or four months. After all, something that you put in your mouth at least twice a day should be replaced regularly!

​3. Kitchen cloths and sponges

 Kitchen cloths and sponges should be bleached regularly as the damp environment is perfect for the growth of mould and harmful bacteria, but even with regular cleaning it’s a good idea to replace them often.

4. Old clothes and shoes

 It’s fair to say that most people have at least a few old clothes taking up valuable wardrobe space or in storage boxes somewhere, making shoes and clothing a major culprit for clutter by limiting storage space. Even worse, seldom worm jackets and shoes can literally clutter up the hallway on hooks or underfoot, so devote some time to deciding what you really need and rid yourself of the rest.

​5. Old magazines

 Get rid of those old magazines cluttering up your coffee table and bookshelves.

​6. The drawer of old electronic items

NUD Globe Light Bulb | 80mm Roo's Beach BedroomLighting
Roo's Beach

NUD Globe Light Bulb | 80mm

Roo's Beach

 It’s time to sort out that drawer of miscellaneous electronic items. You know the drawer: the one filled with old batteries that have little or no charge, spent light bulbs, and old electronic devices that are either broken or obsolete. Some of these items – like old phones – may seem like a waste to throw away, but ask yourself, will you really ever use them again? Besides, lots of these items can now be recycled—on the subject of recycling, batteries should always be disposed of properly as they’re extremely harmful to the environment.

​7. Old cosmetics

 Cosmetics can expire too; most products won’t be harmful after their expiration date, but they can change in colour or smell or even not work as they should, so it’s best to avoid old products. Besides, if you’ve had the item long enough for it to expire it’s safe to say you don’t use it often.

 If you're feeling motivated to give your home a fresh new look too, then check out these superb cleaning tips.

 Adapted from an article by Jinsol Lee.

Have you got any items to add to our list? If so let us know in the comments below!
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