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​8 simple tricks to attract positive energy to your home

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Everyone wants a beautiful and comfortable house, and if the home is filled with good energy as well—even better! 

But how do you bring positive energy to your home? Well, systems like the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui and the traditional Hindu art of Vastu detail various ways to maximise the flow of good energy in your home, which in turn may help boost your luck and help you towards prosperity! 

Today we’ll take a look at 8 easy ways to get the positive vibes flowing in your home, with a focus on living room décor. Let’s begin!

​1. Include metallic accessories

Gold, silver and bronze are among the popular metallic colours which, according to Feng Shui, attract money. Include golden accessories in your living room for a rich ambience infused with positive energy!

​2. Remove damaged articles

It’s best to dispose of cracked or broken items, retaining only intact pieces in your living room so as to attract only positive energy.

​3. Bring vibrancy with red

Red is a potent colour full of energy and life and is connected with good luck and longevity. The use of red lights may help save money, in accordance with Feng Shui.

​4. Adding an aquarium

A golden fish is one of the eight sacred symbols for Buddhists and is said to bring good luck, while Feng Shui states that fish help spread 'shi' energy. Place an aquarium near the entrance of your home and fill it with an odd number of fish, in different colours, to attract positive energy for prosperity.

​5. The natural touch

Plants are not only a sight for sore eyes, they also have numerous benefits. Some plants are said to attract good luck, and decorating your living room with some greenery enhances the décor, too. If there's space in the kitchen, opt for a little herb garden with plants like chamomile and basil that are related to prosperity.

​6. The power of purple

Purple is an excellent colour that can be used to highlight your living room in the form of cushions, decorative pieces, flowers, or even an accent wall. Purple evokes reassurance and attracts positive energy. Apart from purple, red and green are also good colours for this purpose.

​7. Elephant figurines

Elephants are synonymous with good fortune and longevity. Place a decorative elephant on the coffee table or any piece of furniture. Elephants are not only important in Feng Shui but also in Hinduism, where the elephant god, Ganesha, is considered auspicious and a destroyer of obstacles.

​8. Fruit arrangements

A basket of fresh fruit can attract prosperity to your home and is also a lovely natural way to enhance your living room décor!

These 8 tips are a no-fuss way to fill your home with positive energy!

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