Minimal Japanese living room layouts

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Wood is a home design element that we should all have in our homes. Coming in more types and tones than you could possibly imagine, it matches with everything and of course it never goes out of style.

So we have a few lovely living room layouts chalk-full of wooden elements for any interior. These living rooms go above and beyond the average call for wood in the home and make it their main feature and it creates an atmosphere of pure warmth and peace. Television placement is important in each of these rooms, so pay special attention to the layout. 

So come with us and explore your possibilities!

1. Hobby room realised

This is the living room of a renovated apartment handled by Yukukudo Co., Ltd. Let's take a look at an example of a living layout where there is warmth and where wooden materials have been abundantly used. The atmosphere is fashionable. In this room where the connection from kitchen to dining and living room has no obstruction, there is nothing to block visibility and air can freely flow. The floor is made of innocent oak wood, making the room feel natural. Televisions, audio equipment and other shelves where hobby-related equipment is gathered are also gathered up with wooden materials, creating a sense of unity with the space. It is a layout example which does not spoil a stylish room with TV.

2. On the wall

Here is a layout example in which televisions and accessories are gathered up clearly on wall mounting shelves. In the case of a living room that is not very spacious, it is one of the ways to show the space clearly that the TV is wall attached. Because the depth of the television is gone, the room can be used widely. It can be said that it is effective as an earthquake countermeasure. In addition, it is possible to use the space flexibly by placing low-lying seats that are easy to move rather than a sofa.

3. Angles

An example of the layout of this living room is an example where the television is placed at right angles to a large opening. It
can be said to be a typical layout example that does not hinder the entry and exit from the opening and the insertion of the sun. The disadvantage is that sunlight shines on the television screen depending on the direction of the sun and the image is difficult to see, but it can be easily solved by ingenuity such as arranging curtains.

4. On the other side

Here is an example of a layout which was considered so that the sofa does not obstruct the view to the opening by placing the television on the opposite side of the window. It is the two birds, one stone layout that does not disturb the view from the big window and you can have glare-free movie nights.

5. Watching while eating

Here is an example of placing a TV on the opposite side from the counter table where you eat. When you want to value conversations during a meal with families and families with small children, it might be best not to have a television here, but when you want to entertain the kids or when you're an eligible bachelor, it's the perfect spot.

6. In the corner

Our last example uses corner space and this layout is great for spreading our and giving yourself more room. From this angle, the television is visible from many different rooms. Also, by hiding the cable well, you can see the room cleanly without messing up the room.

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Which arrangement did you like best? Let us know below!

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