5 homes where privacy is secured even from the road side

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When building a house, privacy is the most worrisome when you live in urban areas surrounded by apartment buildings, parks and especially when your façade faces a road that gets heavy traffic. You don't want onlookers peaking in, but at the same time you want your interior to be filled with light and have an airy atmosphere. 

In this article, we will introduce five houses where privacy was secured even when they face the road. By studying these designs, you can consider how a professional architect could build or transform your home so that you too can have the same freedom from wandering eyes and feel safe and secure. And for those of you looking to renovate, you'll learn tricks to make your home more secure without totally knocking your house down.

1. A stylish appearance

Our first home is an example of modern cubist architecture. The design was built along a main road and to eliminate the possibility of anyone looking inside, the façade has limited windows and openings. The reinforced outer walls also function as a noise reduction feature so that when you're inside, you don't feel as if you're situated next to a main road. The appearance is chic and stylish with its black and wood finish. The opening of the inner garage is also designed to be securely closed and privacy secured.

2. A home in the city centre

House of Nishimikuni arbol Bungalows

House of Nishimikuni


This flat home was built for married couple after they retired and it situated in a city centre. While considering the surroundings and the gaze from the park, the interior has an open layout that incorporates nature and light with a simple structure as much as possible. Small windows and openings allow natural sunlight to penetrate the interior, so in addition to their privacy, they also get their recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

3. Elevated

This next home is a prime example of architectural genius. In order to maintain privacy within, there isn't just a limit to the amount of windows facing the street, but height was also used. From a ground perspective, it's impossible to see within the structure because the windows and the building itself are elevated above eye level. The appearance of a white square is designed to minimize the opening because it faces the road. The interior has a very open space due to the square design and the high windows give a great natural lighting option.

4. Within a private home

This house was built on the south side of a centre where a large two-story residential house closes it in. It utilises the land 60 cm above the narrow road and higher windows to avoid direct sight into the home. And being on the south side means constant light throughout the day. And inside we can see that no amount of light was sacrificed. The interior is spacious and commands respect with its spectacular interior design that may even exceed the security features.

5. Controlled access

Lastly, we have a three-story house built in a residential area facing a busy road in Tokyo. The point is a large sliding door set in front of the terrace on the second storey. Opening sliding doors opens up an open space, and if closed it is a structure that can ensure privacy from its surroundings.

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