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Spring is in the air everywhere you look around. This isn't just a spin on a popular song lyric, it's the way of many parts of the world right now. And when spring comes, we all know that means it's time for spring cleaning. Time to do away with the old and make way for the new. But many of you aren't just thinking about what clutter you can get rid of and what you can make shine with your cleaning prowess, you're also thinking of a totally new look for your home. And we have to say, spring is the best time to do that. You can welcome in the warm weather with a totally new home!

So naturally, since you were all curious about remodeling projects this week, we wanted to show you the best examples of each and give you a few ideas on how to redesign your home to fit all your needs and desires. Interior and exterior ideas are included, as well as links to some amazing floor plans, so be sure to delve even deeper into each point and check out just how each space is set up.

And when you're done, don't forget to tell us what you have in store for your home. Happy scrolling!

1. Before and after: a remodel that reinforces a retro character

Not all of us look to the future when remodeling our homes. Some of us like to revel in the past. And to show you the kind of atmosphere you can achieve with that old-timey flair, we bring you this first remodel that highlights the retro character. We get an amazing sense of warmth and invitation from this space due to the wooden elements coupled with soft furnishings. Antique furnishings from the 60s like the record player and old-fashioned bureaus mixed with more modern elements give us that retro feel without keeping us locked in the past. 

The other rooms of the home are just as impressive as this one, so don't miss your chance to browse through the epitome of retro design.

2. An old fashioned home gets a charming renovation

Before our professionals got to this home, it was a disaster and a crumbling mess. Now, this home shines with modern charm in ways these residents never thought possible. The interior kitchen and dining space we see here are fully integrated and fill us with a calming sense of relief. The bright colour palette visually expands the space, but that's not the only thing that's new and enlarged. If we look closely in the background, we can see an adjacent interior garden where the walls begin to go green. There's nothing more calming or charming than having plant life in the home, and these residents let their love of nature shine through in their remodel.

You can get a better look at this interior garden when you check out the rest of the home, plus you'll get a few more design surprises when you examine each carefully selected piece of furniture.

3. A comfortable house you should copy (floor plans included)

This next home incorporates a multitude of different design ideas, especially on the exterior. And on the inside, it's the quintessential modern paradise. Elegant, exposed concrete, beautifully polished hardwood flooring and plus, neutral furnishings make this space sophisticated, welcoming and stylish all in one fell swoop. And then there are those massive windows and glass doors that open up the home to the stunning landscape outside and brighten up the entire atmosphere.

More cosy features, interesting levels and floor plans await you when you examine the home in more detail.

4. Canopies, 8 practical and rainproof options for your home

Sometimes we have almost everything we need in and outside our homes, but there's just one integral piece missing. For these residents, it was a canopy over their terrace, and not just any old canopy–this one functions as a greenhouse, pergola and conservatory all in one! Enclosed in clear glass, this remodeling addition lets these residents stay warm and dry and still enjoy their natural surroundings.

For more canopy ideas for your exterior, browse through our selection. You'll even find a few ideas for those of you only looking to spend a little, while those of you with bigger pockets can also find extravagant solutions.

5. 6 great homes (with plans) that are ideal for large families

As with most things in life, some of us need to go above and beyond in terms of remodeling. This home is an example of what you can accomplish when your imagination and budget are limitless. Totally redesigned, this home now wows the neighbours with its crisp lines, different dimensions, spaciousness and neutral modern style. What we (and these residents) love most about the home is the second storey terrace that allows all who enter the perfect sunny spot to relax away your troubles while working on your tan. 

To see the rest of this home and a few amazing others, check out the rest of the article. The best part about this piece is that each home comes with floor plans, so you don't have to guess what lies within–you can see for yourself!

What are your remodeling ideas?

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