How to make your kitchen counter cleaner and more fashionable

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Kitchen countertops are a home essential. We're serious—how could you get by without them? Where would you cut your vegetables, or stack your dirty dishes? 

These kitchen island designs have become immensely popular in recent years, thanks to the extra storage space they provide and the stylish options on the market. However, as they are usually positioned between the kitchen and living space, they do tend to get rather messy. How can we fix this? Check out these six stellar ideas and find out for yourself…

1. Have a designated clutter space

The kitchen counter is a convenient place to put things, so it tends to get cluttered easily. Since the kitchen island can be seen from the dining and living room, it creates the impression that the whole living space is cluttered. Beat the mess by keeping everything neat and compartmentalized. Store fruit in bowls and baskets, and keep a small box  to put notes, scraps of paper and recipes in for safekeeping.

2. Kitchen counter and chair set

Your kitchen counter is not just a utilitarian space—it can act as a dining table, too! Simply place some classy stools underneath the lip of the counter to create a stylish bar-style set up that is a place for family activity to centre around.

3. Show off your stuff

Open kitchen shelving greatly affects the interior of your home, since the objects and storage placed in the kitchen are all visible from the living room and dining room. Keep your shelves tidy by installing some extra ones into the main body of your kitchen island. This will allow you to display your favourite appliances and pieces of crockery in a chic way without overloading the rest of your kitchen.

4. Use the space underneath

Setting up a magazine rack under the kitchen counter is a refreshing and stylish kitchen idea. You could even put recipe books there for ease of access!

5. Connect the dining table and kitchen counter

Since the face kitchen is open to dining, you can connect the counter table and the dining table so that the kitchen and dining can be more integrated. This not only makes communication with the family easier to figure out, but also makes the serving and the lower table easier, it also makes the space for the dining compact and can use the living space more extensively.

6. Decorate those walls

In the face-to-face kitchen which is in the same space as the living room and dining room, which will be seen from there, let's go without forgetting to decorate the kitchen wall fashionably as well as the living room. Let's decorate with your own decorations according to the style of each kitchen . When incorporating the seasonally tailored design, it also has a fashionable atmosphere at once, it will color the center of the house neatly.

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