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Here at homify, we don't like to brag, but we're somewhat famous for our Top 5 segments. And it's not just because we showcase what great work our professionals can do, but more importantly, it's because we listen to you, the reader. We look at exactly what interests you and collect your most frequent enquiries in one convenient space on a weekly basis. 

But this month, we thought we'd take it a step further. We've taken a close look at our most popular pieces for the entire month and brought them back together for all your interior design needs! You were all very comprehensive in your enquiries, so our segment today includes ideas for both interior and exterior, plus gives you ideas about how you can up the ante with your home's façade.

We hope you enjoy revisiting these prime examples of ideal real estate and look forward to your comments!

1. A home with a beautiful courtyard and a fun modern interior

It's no surprise to us that this home got so many views this month. The uniquely designed L-shaped home that encloses a wonderfully spacious courtyard is the dream design of many homeowners. The shape of the home ensures privacy in the courtyard and makes for a very extensive interior with multiple access points to the outside. This bird's eye view shows us great placement for an outdoor entertainment area–multiple tables for a nice sit-down meal and a cosy fire pit are all the ingredients you need to host the perfect evening among friends.

Take a moment to revisit this exquisite interior and let your imagination run wild with ideas for your home!

2. 12 ideas for designing your kitchen on a budget

Next up, we're focusing on the kitchen. We spend so much time in the kitchen cooking and entertaining loved ones that we have a kitchen-themed article in every Top 5 we've done so far. And one things that has our readers curious and begging for a solution is the kitchen counter. In this image, we see a sensational, practical and durable double coating of Corian, a material used to seal counter tops and give them a marvelous finish. Ranging in more colours than you could possibly imagine, this idea works in any style interior–from retro to ultra-modern.

For more money-saving kitchen ideas, take a look at our list again and see how many ideas you can combine to create the perfect kitchen on a budget.

3. 8 facades that look amazing after a good renovation

The first impression our guests get of our homes starts at the façade. Since many of us don't spend that much time or money on our exteriors, they can become neglected spaces. But the façade we see here is a prime example of what you can achieve with a little renovation! Before, the home was crumbling and scared visitors off rather than invite them in. Now, after a timber cladding addition and some new plant life in the entrance, this home shines like new.

This home underwent a rather drastic change in appearance, but we also have examples of homes that have just had a fresh coat of paint applied and a few new trimmings added or subtracted. It's amazing sometimes the little things we can do to transform our space.

To see exactly how this home and seven others were transformed, take a look at the rest of the façades in the list. We promise you'll be just as surprised as we were with the results.

4. 10 beautiful family homes from Japan

We consider ourselves to be family people here at homify, so we're always looking for family-friendly designs that suit not only our readers that are parents, but also those who want a home suitable to raise a child in. That's probably why this article was so popular amongst our readers. Japanese homes are famous for their openness, breatheability and for structural elements like shoji doors and tatami mats. Well, this collection of Japanese interiors gives us plenty of those ideas, plus sheds light on a few new ways to combine decor styles. This home is the perfect example of contemporary Japanese design. Redefined space on multiple levels sheds new light on style and creates new rooms and areas for play, storage and display.

We have nine more excellent examples of family homes for you to study, and they're only a click away!

5. ​Before and after: from construction site to an astonishing contemporary abode

Last up, we have the home had that you stunned and begging for more. Before our architects got to this home, it was a desolate, disintegrating mess with no life left in it. But after some careful planning, this home gained new heights and new dimensions that cater to each and every desire of these residents and has the neighbours green with envy. From this vantage point, the home is imposing, strong and mesmerising. New space was added underneath the protrusion of the home that can be used for parking or simply hanging out. The modern interior is also something noteworthy and uses a great combination of the classic black and white colour scheme with warm accents of wood and delicate lighting.

We hope you enjoyed revisiting these fantastic pieces of architecture and we look forward to seeing what your interests are next month!

Which of these ideas will you use for your home?

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