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How to optimize your studio apartment

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In recent times, studio apartments have experienced a huge surge in popularity. Smaller families, high land costs, reduced construction space and a new-age generation that aspires for independent spaces have been few of the many reasons why studio apartments are witnessing a growing demand. 

A studio apartment basically consists of a small living room-cum-bedroom, an extended kitchen space, attached toilet, and bathroom. As a result of these compact spaces, it is extremely important that every inch of the available space is creatively used to extract as much as usable area as possible. Hence, in our today's article, we have sorted for you few innovative ideas that have been successfully implemented to offer aesthetic as well as functionally efficient spaces to their users.

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A practical kitchen

minimalistic Kitchen by bonpart

Vienna Altbau—table


Innovative storage is at the heart of designing small yet functional kitchens. As seen in this example, you can opt for cooking spaces that are aligned along both the lengths of the kitchen.This way, you can get a space that will allow an efficient cooking experience as well as an area to store the huge inventory of cooking equipment. You can also opt for sliding or foldable platforms that can be used as a small dining table best suited for morning breakfasts.

Combining sleeping and studying

This studio apartment has cleverly combined the study table with the bed. By positioning the bed along the length of the room and eliminating the headrest of the bed to make space for the study table, the architects have come with an extremely smart and appealing combination. You can further enhance the charm of your apartment by being creative with wall colours as seen in this apartment.

A customised dining experience

The architects of the apartment have designed the dining table in such a way that it is the focal attraction of the living room. By being creative with minimalist design ideas and indoor potted plants, the architects have created an artistic and elegant dining experience for their users.

Pop design!

A small apartment allows you an opportunity to customize every single element in the space. This dining corner is adorned with lovely pastel shades in such a way that it relates to the nature of the client. You can also opt for cheerful pastel shades in combination with neutral backdrops in order to create a peppy ambiance in your studio apartment.

Creative bedroom

scandinavian Bedroom by fpr Studio
fpr Studio

Suíte Bailarina

fpr Studio

If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling, you can always opt for going vertical rather than the conventional horizontal. A simple trick is to lift your bed up and use all the space below to accommodate books, study materials or other household essentials.

Foldable furniture

This is one of those ideas that a lot of people desire and also execute in their house but it rarely turns out to be fully efficient or aesthetically appealing. As seen in this example you can opt for a sleek foldable table that can be used for studying and when not in use can be closed with a nice texture on its surface to complement the surrounding design elements.

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