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A simple L-shaped family home you can build on budget

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
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Built as an elegant double storied structure, this house located in the suburbs of Seoul looks deceptively charming courtesy of its high pitched roof, white walls, and an interesting L-shaped layout.

The house is built for a newlywed couple and has adequate space to accommodate extended family or friends who might stay over. Neat white walls, wooden furniture, excellent light quality and an attention to detail are few the features that make this house a highly desirable prospect. Let's move ahead and take a look at this beautiful house in detail.

From the street

The house is located right on the edge of the main street and is protected by a simple white colored boundary wall which is, in fact, a part of the main residential structure. The combination of the white walls and the gray roof looks extremely appealing and is further enhanced by the teak finished entrance gate.

Within the compound

Once we enter into the house we are greeted by this sleek gray textured wall that runs along the wooden pathway which leads us into the house. Similar to the exteriors, the combination of the gray stone and wooden pathway looks extremely elegant and appealing.

Attention to detail

In spite of the fact that the house is generously planned, the architects have made sure that none of the spaces in the house stays unutilized. By designing this simple bench fabricated from a thick used wooden log, the architects have created a nice seating arrangement at the entrance lobby of the house. The space is further provided with storage units below the seating area.

The dining space

The dining table is located in a neatly carved out niche near the living area. In order to introduce flexibility of space, the architects have provided two dining chairs on one end and a fixed bench on the other, this way the space can be temporarily used for some other purposes by shifting the dining table and chairs. 

Below the staircase

The staircase is designed to lead up to the first floor through the living room. The entire living space is provided with comfortable fixed as well as movable furniture for enhanced space efficiency. Further, the architects have provided a nicely designed book storage shelf below the staircase in order that the users can access reading material while being close to the main lounge area. 

We also loved the creative railing design that adds a nice abstract dimension to the entire living space.

The bright corridors

Curtains used efficiently can not only provide privacy but also excellent light quality. By introducing elegant floral patterned curtains, the architects have ensured that the corridor stays cheerful as well as is nicely illuminated by the excellent light quality that Seoul has to offer.

A peaceful corner

By introducing a comfortable lounge chair on the end of the first floor corridor, the architects have provided the users with a perfect reading space located right below the skylight.

The bedroom

The bedroom is designed to be extremely simple without any unnecessary design elements. The space is dominated by shades of white on the walls as well as on the upholstery while the dark tinted wooden flooring and bed provide the perfect contrast to the nuetral backdrop.

The bathroom

The bathroom follows the same design language and uses a two-tone color palette that mainly comprises of gray and white shades. The wooden counter acts as the base for the counter-top wash basin as well as provides adequate space to accommodate large quantities of essential toiletries.

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