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A 115m² apartment that inspires you

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Designed by the Taichung City-based architecture firm Thinking Design, this splendid 115 m² residence is elegant and has all the features to inspire you for a better living. The entire apartment boasts of a sleek color palette, an abundance of natural light and some extremely interesting interplay of angles and forms that give the entire setting an extremely classy and modern touch.

Although the spaces are generously planned, the house has just one bedroom apart from a leisurely planned living and dining room. Wood and stone are the major finishing elements while the walls and the ceiling are mostly adorned with neutral shades of white. 

Read on further if you are interested in actually seeing how the project looks like…

A play of shadows

The interplay of light and shadow is particularly evident in the corridor. The beautiful arrangement of the book shelves, and further, the interesting angled false ceiling gives the corridor a nice faceted look that absorbs and reflects light to create a lovely interplay. Lastly, the artwork positioned on top of the console table creates an interesting focal point as well as adds an artistic touch to the setting. 

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Grand and spacious

The living room is generously planned and is dominated by a combination of wood and stone. The color palette of the space is maintained to be unpretentious with a lot of focus on the quality of built materials and the overall ambiance of the space. The main wall of the living room is adorned with sleek ledges that form an interesting pattern to accommodate the living room essentials as well as the television set. 

An inviting entrance

The entrance of the house features some nicely positioned wall ledges for photo frames and potted plants. The entrance also boasts a small dining table illuminated with ceiling hung light fixtures perfect for a quick bite before leaving for school or office. We also loved the wall hung map that looks artistic as well as is reminiscent of the client's worldwide expeditions.

The beauty of ledges

Not very often we come across ledges that are crafted so elegantly. Instead of an oversized display unit, the architects of this house have utilized a combination of sleek ledges to create an interesting design pattern for the living room. The ledges are not only of different lengths but also of different thickness as well as of varying gradients, a feature that further enhances the overall appeal of the entire setting.

Combination of spaces

Although at the first glance we feel that the entire space is designed as a living room, on a closer look, we realize that the living space also accommodates a study area. With a very smart layout and a selection of interesting furniture, the architects have combined both the spaces to give the entire area a clean, bright and cheerful ambiance. The layout of the living room is further enhanced by the large french window that provides stunning views of the surroundings as well as allows in diffused natural light that floods the entire space.

The study corner

By providing a nice study table behind the main sofa, the architects have ensured that the users are allowed a spacious, bright and comfortable place to work from or catch up on a book. The position of the table is such that one cannot directly see the arrangement while stepping into the living room, this way the architects have ensured that the living room stays visually clean while, on the other hand, the users get a cozy workspace. The entire setting also benefits from the beautifully designed bookshelves positioned on the rear wall of the living room.

Playing with planes

Just behind the study table is this wonderfully crafted arrangement for storing books and study materials. Although the design looks complicated, it, in fact, is just an assembly of creatively positioned wooden shelves on a bold gray backdrop.

A place to calm the senses

The bedroom follows the same design language as the other spaces, albeit with fewer elements. The entire setting leans towards being minimal in arrangement with a sober color palette to create a soothing ambiance for the space. 

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