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A spectacular renovation that you can't miss!

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Renovation if not executed properly can end up being quite a pain and could burn a hole in your pocket. But by approaching the right consultants and hiring the best experts, you can be assured that the outcome will certainly bring a smile to your face.

To help you with this challenge, our today's article is about a 100 square meters worn-down and neglected apartment in the city of Taipei that was given a miraculous makeover courtesy of its expert technicians and architects.

You definitely need to see this to believe it!

Before- Kitchen

Although the kitchen had an adequate source of sunlight, it appeared extremely gloomy due to the poor wall and floor finishes. More importantly, the layout of the kitchen was such that it did not make complete use of the available space and was focused only on a small corner of the entire area, thus leading to an exhausting cooking experience. 

After- Kitchen

What we loved about this makeover was that the internal layout of the kitchen was modified to make complete use of the available space. The cooking platform that spanned the length of the kitchen allowed its users adequate cooking as well as storage space. Further, a great deal of attention was also given to the furniture finishes, which in spite of being simple gave the kitcehn a very classy look.

Before- Living room

The living room looked extremely small and gloomy owing poor light quality and constricted spaces. It lacked engaging aesthetics and had an uninspiring wall and flooring finish.

After- Living room

The first step that the architects took was to eliminate the unnecessary wall partitions. Through this, it was ensured that the space looks large and absorbs in as much as natural light that is available.The flooring was changed to marbonite from the outdated mosaic tiles while the walls were adorned in shades of off-white, both these upgrades played a huge role in the makeover of the space. The cherry on top of the cake was the classy stone textured wall behind the elegant sofa that led the aesthetics of the space to a whole new level!

Before- Bathroom

Outdated wall tiles and a cheap aluminum window gave this bathroom a very ordinary feel. This, combined with the lack of a decent light source and ordinary bath fittings made using his space a very tiring experience for the users.

After- Bathroom

The ordinary square tiles were replaced with larger and reflective wall tiles with high-quality workmanship to effectively conceal the tile joints. The aluminum window was replaced with a nice wood framed window and was provided with a high-end bamboo blinds system. The deteriorating bathtub was replaced by a sleek shower cubicle which was functionally effective as well as gave the bathroom a spacious feel.

After- Bathroom

An improved lighting design also played a huge part in an effective makeover of the bathroom. Sleek ceiling recessed lights combined with smartly positioned backlights gave the entire space an enhanced appeal. We also loved the perfectly complementing bath fittings as well the countersunk washbasin that is provided with a comfortable storage unit below it.

The bedroom

The bedroom although being modest in size appears comfortable and relaxing thanks to its simple layout, neat furniture, and soothing light quality. The combination of the bottle green and white shades look particularly interesting while the sleek ceiling backlight adds a nice soothing elegance to the entire space.

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