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Today we are taking you to visit an apartment in Luodong City, Yilan County, which is built by Cloud Space Design of the Nordic wind housing. The apartment is in a three-storey building and comfortably accommodates a family of four members. The entire house features contemporary aesthetics that go on to create a comfortable and natural homely atmosphere. The architects have mainly experimented with sycamore veneer, exposed brickwork and a neutral color palette for most of the spaces in the house. 

Let take a look… we are sure you will certainly find something worth taking back to your house!

The living room

The living room has a nice layout with ample of natural and artificial light to enhance its ambiance. The sleek sofa unit allows for a comfortable experience while the artistic coffee table and side unit add a distinctly modern appeal to the living room. We also loved the bold red corner lamp that acts as the focal point in the room and provides the users with a visual element to hold their attention.

For the chef

The kitchen is provided with a comfortable island that is combined with a sleek dining table. The combination of the clear white cabinets and the island with rustic wood looks particularly interesting while the artistic bottle themed hanging lights impart the space a very elegant and classy appeal. The beautiful location of the house also ensures that the users are provided with excellent light quality as well as beautiful natural views during supper time.

A creative partition

The living room further extends to accommodate the kitchen in such a way that the physical space is one single unit but functionally they are distinct. In order to further enhance this element of separation, the architects have introduced a sleek partition developed from horizontal and vertical wooden planes which also act as a nice display unit.

A space to unwind

This space is deliberately not provided with any tables or chairs in order that the entire wooden deck can be used as a space to read. For additional comfort, the architects have also provided a couple of cushions and a single bean bag. We further loved the sleek shelf arrangement that comfortably accommodates the books and other study material.

For liesure

This is one of our favorite spaces. With just a lime finished exposed brick wall, wooden flooring and some comfortable cushions, the architects have developed a space perfect for enjoying a glass wine over some soothing acoustic music.

A space to unwind

When we zoom out we realize that the above corner is, in fact, a part of the bedroom. The grayish blue rear wall provides the perfect contrast to the limestone finished brick wall and the wooden furniture elements. The artistic headboard of the bed and the bedside table further add a nice elegant touch to the entire setting.

The bathroom

The bathroom is adorned with a sleek combination of black and dark gray colored tiles that impart it a very elegant look. The pentagon shaped bathtub and the bold washbasin add further comfort and character to the bathroom.

The balcony

The balcony is furnished with wooden boarding on its floor and on the wall. To add further appeal to the space, the architects have opted for an exposed concrete paparpet instead of the typical metal or brick parapet.

The dressing space

The dressing space has a horizontal wall supported cabinet for space to accommodate the various toiletries and essentials. The light quality in the space is maintained to be soft with nicely textured curtains that let in subtle natural light.

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Which of the spaces in the house did you like the most?
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