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Premdas Krishna Living room
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If money is no object, then designing a gorgeous home filled with cosiness and urban functionality is a cakewalk. For instance, for this residence, the architects at Premdas Krishna in Kerala have combined the best materials, the best furniture and the best decor accessories to create a stunning look. The creative use of wood and glass is especially inspiring here, while the concept of storage has been redefined in a very elegant way. Bold hues appear randomly and tastefully to spice up the interiors, while bright lights play a major role in the cheerful vibe that will greet you now.

Rich and spacious living

Contrasting shades of wood pair with creamy white for a very cosy and welcoming atmosphere in the living room. Four trendy couches peppered with plump cushions offer ample seating in this spacious room, while wooden wall cladding and floating shelves lend visual interest. Carefully chosen artefacts, flowers and a beautiful chandelier also add to the attraction.

Stylish separation

Sliding glass doors set in sleek and fashionable wooden frames separate the living room from the rest of the house when required. But they don’t hamper the flow of light or the sense of visual openness.

Casual and warm

This casual seating zone is a mix of rich dark wood with a reddish tint and light, straw-coloured wood. Sleek furniture pieces and smooth wall claddings enhance the beauty of this combination, while splashes of white offer serenity.

Creative touches

Wood and glass in different forms and shades have been creatively combined to make partitions in this home, as you can see here. The wall unit in front of you is very unique as well, with hexagonal shelves arranged in an artistic manner.

Zen space

While exploring the common areas, we came across this slightly sunken space with a luxurious wooden canopy above it. Stones in contrasting hues and white pebbles define the flooring here and lends a very Zen feel. This spot is ideal for meditation, cosy chats, and simple relaxation.

Redefining storage

Rendered in contrasting shades of wood, this large storage unit acts like a wall of sorts too, and separates spaces. Sleek shelves and cubbies hold beautiful crockery, crystal ware, while the space to the left is reserved for family photos and divine paintings.

Trendy kitchen

Done up in rich burgundy and white, the open kitchen is a very trendy and functional space. Neat cabinets, modern appliances and a U-shaped countertop invite even the humblest of chefs to experiment freely.

Beautiful bedroom

Dark and stylish wooden elements contrast the bright white environment of this bedroom nicely. The wall behind the bed is especially unique and features a lighted niche for displaying knickknacks. Purple appears on the plush rug and bedding, lending charm to this space.

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