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What can we do when our houses are so small that they do not allow us adequate space to accommodate a wardrobe?

Well, it is not as difficult as it might seem to be. With a little organization and some creative planning we can certainly carve out the desired space to accommodate a wardrobe, maybe not a full-fledged one, but at least of a size that is decent to hold in our clothes and other essentials. 

Take a look at these few creatively positioned wardrobes if you wish to have a similar setting in your house too.

1. In the thickness of the wall

If you live in an old building with thick walls, you can take the opportunity to make small niches which might fit in a wardrobe. Although you will not get a space like what we see in this proposal, you can always create multiple niches which can act as a common wardrobe space. For better efficiency, you can dedicate particular niches for a similar bunch of items.

2. In the attic

The attic is typically the least used space because of its low height, however, we can always turn this disadvantage into something positive by positioning a wardrobe in that space. We could cues from this example and equip the attic space with hangers, this way you also take advantage of the lower parts by installing drawers and shelves, perhaps also a shoe rack.

You can opt for an open wardrobe protected by a fabric or a customized wardrobe with proper shutters as seen in this proposal.

3. In a corner

If your house does allow you a long enough wall to position a wardrobe, you can always use the corner to fit in a small but roomy wardrobe. The possibilities can be multiple based on the space available and your personal preference.

4. Under the stairs

Similar to attics, the underside of a staircase is also one of the least used spaces but one with high potential. Check out this sleek example which has sliding compartments to hold inside them clothes as well as shoes.

In case your staircase is designed in such a way that it allows higher room below it, you can opt for a full-fledged wardrobe. Apart from typical the shutters, you can also opt for neat drawers at the bottom as seen in this example.

5. In the footboard

We close our mini review with this surprise cabinet: a small wardrobe proposed by Arch. Silvana Citterio. The wardrobe is positioned in the small compartment below the bedroom space. Just lift the door up and use all the space you need!

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Which of the wardrobes did you like the most?

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