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An elegant small family home

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This deceptively simple Japanese house is built in the suburbs of Fukushima and accommodates a small modern family. Although the house looks small, it has all the space to have separate quarters for the parents and children. When viewed from the outside, this house appears to be a ground plus one structure, however, it, in fact, is a ground plus two structure with adequate living spaces on each floor courtesy of some smart planning by the architects.

So, without much ado, let's take a look at what this house has to offer…

The exterior

From the front, this house looks as a ground plus one structure, but the reality is that the house is actually one floor higher. Experts were conscious about giving this house simple yet profound features, clean geometry, and a neutral color palette. The front facade of the house has three small square windows arranged symmetrically above each other in addition to the large window protected by the wooden railing.

Entrance lobby

The entrance of the house has a warm ambiance courtesy of its wooden flooring and sleek sliding door. The two elegant vertical cutouts look very neat and allow in diffused natural light that enhances the overall appeal of the space.

The tatami room

Tatami rooms are one of the most traditional Japanese architectural features. Even in this modern well-crafted house, creating space for a Tatami room is like an icing on a cake!

An open plan layout

On the top floor, this open plan space accommodates a living area, dining as well as the kitchen. The entire space is dominated by shades of white and has wood as the predominant finishing element. We also loved the skylight courtesy of which the space receives wonderful natural light throughout the year.

The kitchenette

The kitchen is small but provides all the comforts of a modern day cooking space. The sleek skylight and the conveniently positioned dining table further enhance the overall user experience of the kitchen.

The terrace

The best feature of the house for us! The terrace allows the kids some much-needed space to play, especially in countries like Japan where outdoor open space is hardly available. It also allows the users to soak in the beautiful sunlight as well host nice barbecue parties.

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