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12 must-have IKEA furniture items

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Amongst a myriad of IKEA products that are available today, it is very to get confused and lost while trying to find the one product that would fit in perfectly. Hence, we have decided to put together some highly successful and critically acclaimed designs that IKEA offers currently. One of the best features of these products is that they are easy to assemble, are aesthetically universal and are not very expensive. Once you have an idea of what is available and what would work the best for you, it is not difficult to get the right product.

Let's move ahead and take a look at 12 of the best selling IKEA series.

1. A varied range of IKEA furniture

This living room is decorated with several IKEA products, can you name each one of them?

- TV BYÅS, with storage and space for TV set

- Bookcase with BESTÅ glass doors, above the television

 - White coffee table from the LACK series

- RÅDVIKEN armchair made of natural fibers

2. IKEA PS collection

Depending upon its design and your creativity, a furniture can have numerous applications. For example, this IKEA PS cabinet is usually at the entrance or for the living room to accommodate the television set. But as you can see, it is perfectly possible to include it in another space such as the bathroom in order to store towels or toileteries.

3. HEMNES dresser (custom)

The HEMNES series is one of the flagship IKEA products that can be installed in a variety of spaces and is suitable for all age-groups. It exists in various sizes and there is also a whole other range of this series that includes beds, cabinets, bedside tables, etc.

This particular dresser was personalized by the designers, that is, they exchanged the original handles for the light pink knobs. 

4. Shoe rack from HEMNES and a FINNTORP / DJUPVIK chair

Here is another member of the HEMNES series. This shoe rack is ideal for entrance halls in order to accommodate the shoes that are used on a daily basis. The chair belongs to the IKEA FINNTORP / DJUPVIK series. In this case, the standard white cushion is removed and is replaced with another color.

5. BYÅS TV cabinet and LACK shelves

Another example of a living room where they used the BYÅS television cabinet. This product has been a real success for IKEA given its design and affordable price. Above the television, we can also see the sleek LACK shelves that are supported from the wall.

6. Kitchen stand

This IKEA kitchen stand is undoubtedly one of the most indispensable IKEA products. Many have adopted it into their kitchen for its practical design, aesthetics and the freedom it allows to decorate the kitchen. The product also comes in a diverse range of options, just peek online or visit your nearby store.

7. MALM drawers

One of the must-have IKEA products! It is simple and beautiful, not to mention its price which is also very affordable. Ideal for bedrooms or common spaces, the product is also available in several sizes, you just have to choose the right one that suits your requirement.

8. HEKTAR lamp series

At IKEA we can also find lamps with the most diverse shapes and colors. This HEKTAR model is one of the most popular products given its unusual design which reminds us of a spotlight. The same product is also available in white.

9. KALLAX shelf unit

The KALLAX shelf unit is one of the most interesting IKEA products. It gives you the freedom to arrange it in a variety of combinations. Choose the colors, size, doors or drawers and make your own design.

10. SELJE bedside table

Are you looking for a stylish bedside table? Well, here's one. It is from the SELJE series and is extremely beautiful and elegant. It has a very minimalist touch and can also be purchased in red color. 

Do you know that the phone charger and the cord can be passed behind the drawer onto the wall socket? This way everything stays discreet. Another good feature is that the table is easy to assemble as it does not need any screws.

11. JULES chairs

Want to add a touch of color to the bedroom or office? We advise you to not think too much about it, simply choose this pink Jules chair for the maximum comfort. 

12. RANARP desk lamp

We finish our list with this timeless product. One of the best-selling and highly loved products that can look good in your house as well as in an office space.

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Which of the IKEA series did you like the most?
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