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8 silly mistakes that you should avoid on the facade of your house

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With facade design, we generally associate colors, textures, materials and shapes, but sometimes we forget that practicality and convenience are also an integral part of the entire design. A good looking facade without proper thought given to its practicality might feel good for a while, but in the long run, you are sure to be left frustrated.

Hence, in our today's book of ideas, we have pointed out 8 errors that are most common while designing a facade, especially those concerning to safety. Take a good look at these points, perhaps you might get some valuable ideas for your own house!

1. Insufficient or non-existent lighting

When it comes to facade designing, you will always find a wide variety of appealing designs from consultants to suit your desires and budget. However, apart from the aesthetics, you must also focus on the issue adequate illumination, particularly from a safety point fo view. It is a no-brainer that a well-illuminated perimeter is less susceptible to thefts than one which is dark or constantly under shadows. For enhanced security, you can also opt for lights with sensors, these lights detect movement in the area and are ideal to be positioned near doors and windows.

2. Obstruction of natural light

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Privacy is a criterion that many home-owners are extremely careful about. As a result, the front facades of the house, especially in the case of houses facing the street have small windows or dead walls. Although this does provide higher privacy in the living and bedrooms, it robs the house of natural light that is also very important for a pleasant ambiance. As a solution, you can opt for perforated screens or wooden fins as seen in this example, this way you can bring in natural light without compromising on the privacy.

3. An exaggerated design

The façade of the house says a lot about who lives inside because it is like the visiting card of its residents. Everyone wants a house with a beautiful design, however, sometimes people exaggerate the decoration to an extent that the color draws much too much attention or the materials are too flashy. If your goal is to give personality to the facade, this can be done by using color and material palette that is coherent and complements the massing of the house as well as the surrounding landscape.

4. Lack of a thoughtful exterior lighting

When we visualize our house we subconsciously think of how the facade will look during the day. This is fine to an extent but it is also important to think of how the house will look after sunset. A well-designed exterior lighting not only provides you with adequate security but also imparts a completely different look to your house than it is during the day.

5. Difficult access or absence of bell

We all want to create the best of impressions on the guests when they visit our house. This starts right from the entrance. If your house has a confusing entry or if your guests might find it difficult to locate the doorbell or the intercom, it can leave a slightly sour taste in their overall impression of your house.

6. Lack of indication

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Part of the task of finding an address is to locate the house number on the street. But the numbering is often forgotten when planning the façade, often being unknowingly hidden or mixed up with the entire design. For everyone's convenience, it is necessary to emphasize the numbering on the facade. This can be done by installing numbers that contrast with the background wall, you can also show your creativity with the font, material, or the size of the installation.

7. An uncomfortable access

Regardless of the style of the house, the path of the entrance needs to be comfortable and safe so that no one suffers any unwanted accidents. This means that this path can not be made of sliding material, it can not have faults and holes in the structure and can not be insecure when it rains. One must also take into account whether the path will be used to carry furniture and other items, in which case the structure needs to be reinforced.

8. Presence of weak links

For us, it might seem harmless, but for someone with a malicious thought, even the slightest of weak links is more than adequate. This is precisely the case with basement windows or with the large tree that gets very close to your balcony.  If you look carefully, you might also come up with few other weak points in your house. In such cases, it is suggested that you opt for the best security and alarm systems to protect your house.

If you would like to go through similar ideas, please read Advice To Make Your House More Secure

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