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Single Family House With Floating Factors

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Möhring Architekten Modern houses
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Here at homify, we love to show you unique and inspiring architectural designs from around the world. We've travelled from North to South America, from Asia to the Middle East. But now, we're taking you back to Europe for something truly extraordinary. Today, we're taking you to Germany to show you a one of a kind house that seems as though it has floating features.

Created, designed, and executed by Möhring Architects, this fantastic structure lies in the quiet and vastly green area of northern Bremen. This architectural company operates under the principle of building easy to read arrangement and coherent concepts. The couple in their fifties who asked for the design of this project asked for a reconstruction of their home after their children moved out. They asked for an individual, bespoke house designed without compromises, and that's exactly what they got.

Now let's take a tour of this intricately designed, single family home, shall we?

Brick, Mortar, And Nature

The main objective of this building was to create generous rooms and a fluent structured living and dining area on the ground floor. The roof and the facade of the building correspond with the local building tradition, but the house still remains very contemporary in its form. With regard to equipment, the builders put a lot of emphasis on a low-energy house, meaning it needs minimal energy for heating and hot water. 

Focal point of this two-storey house is its floating gable roof. It rests only supported by graceful columns, on a cubic base structure from East Frisian peat-fired brick. Under the roof with its glass-enclosed attic is space for three bedrooms and a spacious bathroom, and the ground floor is directly accessible from the double garage. Here you will find the open kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as a guest bathroom. 

Perpendicular Design

The main building and the garage wing join at an angle emphasizing the opening of the building in the Southwestern direction. A glass-covered pergola on the terrace side of the garage wing creates a rain-protected transition zone from the inside out. In its sober elegance and tantalizing staged spatial relationship between interiors and gardens, the building continues the rich tradition of modern villa buildings from the 20s to 50s. A good thermal insulation of the building envelope in conjunction with a controlled ventilation system – fully equipped with heat recovery – ensures low energy consumption.

The materials used to create this structure come directly from the region in which the house is situated. Möhring Architects do this with every structure they build with the intention of working out the haptic effect of the individual space.


Here's a look at the entryway of the house with the spacious double garage, which merges into a rain-protected porch, which in turn leads to the entrance. From this image, we can also see how the window band under the roof makes it appear as though it's floating. This is an incredibly modern design element of the building – the scores with clear, unfussy lines, large window openings and an exciting interplay of different materials and structures are very evident in this photo.

From the back of the house, large expanses of glass open to the idyllic garden, providing a common unit of indoor and outdoor space. On the right is the double garage, you can go directly from the garden to the ground floor. 

Now For The Interior

In this image we can finally lay our eyes on the gorgeously designed interior. With a few nick knacks here and there, the inside echoes minimalist design with its slight adornment, white colour scheme, and clean, hardwood flooring. We can also see the one of a kind fireplace hidden underneath a jutting wall piece. The fireplace is enclosed in a special heat resistant glass, keeping it safe and stylish.

The arrangement of space, light, proportion, material, surface, and colour, as well as the appropriateness and cost, are always understood as the most valuable calculated qualities of the structure. The architects don't see this building as trendy, but timeless with good solutions that the places their work high above the competition and make this structure unique and special.

The Spacious Bedroom

Under the floating roof with its glass-enclosed attic we find ourselves in just one of the incredibly spacious bedrooms. The rooms here are – as they are in the entire house – flooded with light thanks to the generous bright and airy windows that offer beautiful views of the surrounding greenery. We can see the unique geometrical design of the roof from the formation of the windows, as well. We can really appreciate the clean line work in the architecture from the bedroom, as the lines are clearly defined by the light wood trim surrounding and encasing the white walls. And for those days when the inhabitants want more privacy, a long, grey curtain has been installed to cover the full window area, even where the windows meet. 

A Modern Bathroom

The bathroom thoroughly incorporates a clear design fusion between modern and minimalist. Again, we have high quality wood used to build the fixings, which brings warmth and a sense of nature to the room, and it further supports the connection to the surrounding environment. And again, we see minimalist design in the white walls and many light fixtures. The slightly gritty, grey tile on the floor contrasts well with the surrounding brightness of the walls and provides the perfect flooring for the bathroom – easy to clean, equipped with a non-slip texture, and let's not forget how classy it looks. The bathroom is also one of the most energy efficient rooms in the house, using unique heating elements to cut down on energy and cost.

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