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10 splendid entrance layouts that you can copy

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Treso İç Mimarlık Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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When you come back from a long day at work, all you desire is an entrance that is welcoming, gives you peace and fills you with happiness. In order to achieve such results, it is essential that you give due importance and care while designing the entrance. A well-designed entrance also goes a long way in giving a solid first impression when friends or guests visit your house.  

Hence, to give you more ideas, we have come up with a list of entrance design ideas that you can directly copy from. Take a look!

1.Contemporary charm

You can decorate your entrance with some simple contemporary furniture that can complement the surrounding finishes in the entrance lobby. You can also experiment with warm carpets that can give your entrance a nice inviting appeal. Further, potted plants could be placed near the entrance to make things even more interesting.

2.Modern elegance

Instead of worrying about the various color and texture patterns, you can simply opt for a total white backdrop and adorn it with potted plants to give your entrance a very sophisticated and sleek appeal.

3.Wall paintings

Wall paintings or sculptures could be very nice addition to any entrance. Not only do they add that beautiful artistic touch to any space, the right type of artifacts can on a sub-conscious level induce positivity and happiness in the entrance.

4.The magic of mirrors

According to Feng Shui, mirrors are supposed to attract positivity energy in the space that they are installed in. You can also opt for mirrors in your entrance to attract positivity, further, in cases of small spaces, mirrors can also help in giving the space a larger than actual feel.

5.A bold color palette

If you do not fancy a minimal, monotonous look, you can opt for a bold statement by experimenting with colors such as bright red, yellow or black. You can also think of interesting patterns or textures to add spice to the entire setting.

6.Textures and patterns

Varying textures and patterns can be worked our brilliantly to add a distinct charm to your entrance space. As seen in this proposal, a wonderful mix of textured floor tiles and wall finishes provided by the designers can give the space a very sophisticated and artistic feel.

7.Antique furniture

If you have an antique furniture piece in your house, placing it near the entrance can be an excellent idea to give the visitors an excellent first impression of your house.

8.Creative storage ideas

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


In case you have a shortage of storage space in your house, you can always opt using the space below the staircase to store clothes, shoes and other essentials. A storage similar to the one displayed here not only looks neat but can also provide you with valuable space that is reducing by the day in urban apartments.

9.An artistic setting

At times, a simple setting of a floor mounted mirror, a nice sculpture or an artistic floor pattern can be more than enough to give charecter to the entrance. 

10.Modern simplicity

We end our tour with this sleek yet simple entrance corridor. The combination of the clean glossy marble with the solid dark wood gives this space a very classy appeal.

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