18 pictures of kitchen cabinets to inspire you

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Cabinets in kitchens are one of the essential elements for a well-functional kitchen. With modern technology and the pressure of reduced buildable space, a lot of designers have come up with creative storage ideas in the kitchen. 

1- Rail system

Magic Corner Solution Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Magic Corner Solution

Urban Myth

A useful method for corner cabinets is the railed cabinets. So it becomes very easy to place utensils and access the farthest point.

2. Full height cabinets for multi storage

In our first example, there are two wall shelves extending to the ceiling. The advantage of the cabinets is that they do not completely cover the interior and display the product stored.

3- Narrow cupboards

The upper cabinets in this pictures have glass doors complimented with a green colour on the inside . The interesting feature of these cabinets is that they are very narrow and the dishes can be placed vertically.

4- Cabinets with doors that open upwards

If your kitchen cabinets are not too big, you may prefer cabinet models that open upwards instead of opening the covers. 

5- Shelf in bench

In this picture, the island bench, which is part of the kitchen equipment, is creatively designed. The dark green bench has two shelves of different sizes and shapes, ideal for decorative use.

6- Small shelf

A creative idea with a wooden shelf attached to the top of the smooth, white colored drawer is displayed in the photo.

7- Coverless cabinets

In this picture, the cabinet is an open form and requires no covers.

8- Colourful and fun ideas

Edenbridge Johnny Grey Kitchen
Johnny Grey


Johnny Grey

The design of the cabinet in the picture is both colorful and creative. It is also highly functional.

9- Corner cupboard

Besides using the lower part of the island counter as a closet, the corner section, which is a slightly inconvenient place, is used quite innovativly.

10- Deep cupboard shelf

Countryside Retreat - Living Space Lisa Melvin Design KitchenCabinets & shelves
Lisa Melvin Design

Countryside Retreat—Living Space

Lisa Melvin Design

The design of cupboards does not necessarily have to be standard. A good example of this is the deep shelf that is not visible from the outside.

11- Surprise kitchen behind the covers

Did you know that you can use kitchen cupboards for different purposes apart from storing only the dishes and cups? You can even fit the entire kitchen into a cabinet. Why not? 

12- Multi-sized drawers

In the picture, we see black drawers of different sizes that are ideal for storing pots.

13- Vertical plates storage

Because of the usual standard design of kitchen cabinets, we usually put the dishes on top of each other. In the picture, we can see a wonderful cupboard design  that was made to place the plates vertically.

14- Sliding doors

If you do not like the cluttered look of kitchen utensils, it is possible to create a spacious kitchen environment by hiding them behind the sliding doors.

16- Wooden open shelves

In this picture is an exquisite kitchen with open shelves, designed in rustic style. If you want all your materials handy, open shelves are for you.

16- Creative solutions

If you have a small kitchen, it is not wise to fill it with kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can put things like salt, pepper and various sauces in the front of the counter as an additional space.

17- Niche ideas

Let's go back to the rustic kitchen. In the case of the exquisite design of the wooden kitchen, the uppermost niche part of the cupboards are used for decorative purposes.

18- Multiple shelves

Our last example draws attention with its open shelves covering all walls and the vibrant blue color of the kitchen.

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