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A 65-square-meter house exhibits the cleverest use of space

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Our house on spotlight today is the popular Scandinavian style home. The typical design theme for this kind of home is focused on simplicity. The s is planned along with the inherent setup of materials, structures and materials. Generally, the look must be simple, uncluttered, and clean, with highlight and touch of nature making it have a sophisticated look at the same time exude a warm and cozy atmosphere. For today’s ideabook, see how the trees and other greenery perfectly blends with white-colored house giving the utmost comfortable and relaxing feeling.

Let’s take a better look!

​Explore the house

First we look at the façade of the house before going inside. At first sight, it may look plain as this style emphasizes simplicity. However, the addition of windows also in white created a variation in the almost plain façade. One won’t take this as an ordinary house, but a classy minimalist home design rather!

Decorative Materials

Whether it be a window, door, mailbox, or a house number, these features can be added to put differentiation without boldly expressing it. Everything looks perfect and harmonious, including the use of stainless steel for the mailbox and house number.

Home stairs

Another interesting design is the folded steel staircase in white matching the style of the house. It's a simple, yet stylish ladder.

Home atmosphere

This house has a living room area of 65 square meters. The living room smoothly connects to the kitchen and dining table. The room looks clean and bright with the entire room in white from wall to ceiling, including the built-in furniture. Also notice how the glass door illuminate the light from the outside.  Make it a little attractive with brick walls and some wooden furniture – it can never go wrong!

Living room

Let's see the living room from different angle. If you look from the kitchen, you will see how the living room freely flows to the pantry. Feel comfortable transferring from one room to another, whether it is eating, cooking and living. Without disturbing the harmonious atmosphere, the black sofa and graphic pillow are added to make it a little quirky and playful.


Considering the compact size of the kitchen, every inch of space is spent wisely. The protruding part of the counter is designated as the cooking corner, while the other side is for the preparation. The wall is made of hanging cabinets, coupled with a layer of wood material to make it more stylish.

Dining table

The choosing the right furniture to match the style of home is important. Create a warm and friendly atmosphere by stressing on wooden furnishing and matching pastel colored furniture. You can also try to decorate it with chandeliers or small trees.


The bathroom is beautifully designed in gray tones. Stay functional and stylish by opting for the classic counter sinks. A gray or white storage cabinet will definitely make it attractive.

Bathing zone

Here you can see, how the narrow bathroom space is maximized. The shower is separated from the room with a bath mirror. That’s how you keep it neat and sleek!


The white bedroom just looks heavenly and very relaxing. Better choose a steel bed to contrast the softness of the room!

Decor at the hallway

In here, we can find bright colors adding in the atmosphere of this house, such as the yellow wall clock. See how it blends with white walls and blue doorways.

Classic furniture

If anyone wants to decorate their house, choosing furniture is key! You can choose to use country style and the classic antiques, which will match the light and neutral shade of white!

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