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Kitchens that measure less than 10m²

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Unless you are ultra-rich, chances are that the kitchen you have will be between 8 to 15 square meters in size. However, small spaces when designed correctly have always displayed immense potential. A well-designed kitchen can not only provide you with decent cooking space but also adequate space for storage. However, more often than not, a kitchen is not given adequate attention and hence many users feel the need of a bigger space when in fact the problem is the lack of a functional layout and design.

Hence, to help you with this and provide you references of actual projects, we have created a list of 15 well-designed kitchens that are under 10 square meters in area. Take a look and enjoy!

1. Kitchen of 8m²

With its comfortable U-shaped layout, exposed brick facade and sleek storage units, this kitchen provides its users with decent space for cooking as well as storage.

2. Kitchen: 9m²

This kitchen is provided with all the amenities of the modern world. Apart from its extremely well-planned layout, we also loved the combination of the lime finished exposed bricks and the chrome finished elements that the architects have given to the space. The blackboard wall adds further charm and enhances the efficiency of the space.

3. Kitchen of: 6m²

The neat L-shaped cooking counter provides the kitchen with decent storage as well as cooking space. The combination of red and black elements looks extremely appealing with the bold red dining table being the pick of the lot!

4. Kitchen of 2m²

This space is technically more like a pantry than a full-fledged kitchen and can be very handy if you have a small studio apartment. In spite of the space being small, the architects have ensured that pantry is provided with a sleek bold blue backdrop as well as artistic ceiling lights.

5. Kitchen of 4m²

This kitchen follows the same design language as the kitchen shown in image 2. With its stunning black and red combination and a well thought-out L-shaped layout this kitchen provides its users a comfortable cooking experience.

6. Kitchen of 6m²

One of the best things to learn from this kitchen is the excellent storage design that allows its users to stack in a number of essentials without giving the kitchen a stuffy and cramped feeling.

7. Kitchen of 5m²

This kitchen overlooks the living room and is provided with a U-shaped layout that offers adequate cooking space to its users. We especially loved the combination of the white cabinets and wood panelling that gives the space a very modern and contemporary appeal.

8. Kitchen of 2m²

This one is a unique idea. If you do not want the mess of the kitchen to be seen, you can opt for a small pantry that can be hidden in the cabinet as it is seen here.

9. Kitchen of 4m²

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In spite of it being just four square meters in size, the kitchen looks extremely spacious thanks to its simple yet efficient layout. We particularly liked how the architect have created a fusion of varying wood types in such a small space.

10. Kitchen of 6m²

This small kitchen comes equipped with a sleek combination of white and purple. Apart from the cooking counter, the kitchen is also provided with a comfortable island that has space for cooking, washing, as well as dining.

11. Kitchen of 9m²

Sleek and classy are the two words that come to mind when we look at this kitchen. With its clever layout and brilliant wall finishes, the kitchen is provided with a very trendy and appealing appreance.

12. Kitchen of 4m²

This kitchen is a perfect fit for any studio apartment. With its sleek color palette and minimalist setting, the kitchen provides it users with excellent cooking as well as dining space.

13. Kitchen of 6m²

This kitchen can be a perfect fit for a small single bedroom apartment. The peppy color palette of yellow and blue looks splendid while the neat wooden island serves as a decent dining as well as cooking space.

14. Kitchen of 7m²

This kitchen is a perfect combination of chic industrial style and contemporary design elements. We especially loved the blackboard that adds a distinct charm to the space. 

15. Kitchen of 9m²

This kitchen looks wonderful courtesy of its white and blue shaded furniture elements, however, the show-stealer here is the beautifully patterned mosaic tiles that lend this space a very classy look.

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