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Unexpected guests? Make your bedroom decent in 6 minutes

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It’s natural for the bedroom to experience different levels of disarray throughout the week. Clothing from the week accumulates in chairs and on the bedroom floor as we participate in the daily rush of readying ourselves for work, preparing the kids for school, cooking, and cleaning. In the precious few spare moments we do have, we want to spend some time relaxing rather than dealing with the bedroom mess. Plus, bedrooms can be dark and stuffy after days of sleeping without airing things out. All in all, bedroom is a private space and we don’t necessarily pay much attention to its aesthetic appeal  in the midst of all our other priorities. When occasionally some unexpected guests drop by and your bedroom is a common area, or those who you haven’t seen in a while simply want a tour of the house, it can be a point of panic. While the rest of the house might see more of the light of day, it’s crunch time when you need to get the bedroom in order. That’s why we've compiled this list to give you an action plan for tidying this room for company in 6 minutes or less. Let’s get started!

Minute 1. Make the bed

It’s really a wonder what difference taking a few moments to make the bed can make! The bed is probably the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. Most of the time, the comforter and pillows are a different colour from the surrounding space, which makes them stand out. The position of the bed in the bedroom often stands as the focal point. Therefore, straightening the sheets and organising the pillows can help to draw your guests' eyes away from surrounding messes. Further, you don’t have to make things extravagant to reap the benefits of this technique. Notice this bedroom by F_Studio+ dell'Arch. David Friso, the bed is simple, mainly consisting of a large blue duvet that stands out against the rest of the predominantly white colour scheme in the bedroom. Simply pulling the blanket over the pillows gives the bed a relaxed feel while also making the room seem more presentable.

Minute 2. Smells and air




Another element of making your room more presentable is to consider how you can heighten the ambiance. If there is a good atmosphere in the bedroom, this will take away from the fact that it’s not as neat and clean as it could be, for example. So how do you enhance the ambiance in the bedroom in only one minute? For starters, consider the air in the bedroom. It can sometimes become rather stale after nights of sleeping with the windows and doors shut. It’s time to air things out! Letting in some fresh air from outside is a great place to start. It will most naturally and inconspicuously freshen up the space. If this isn’t enough, light those candles that you were given last year for your birthday but have since been collecting dust on your bookshelf. Scented candles are wonderful, but if they aren’t really your thing, unscented can actually have the same effect in removing any odours from the bedroom without the added smell. Taking a second to set up some essential oil diffusers is certainly a good idea here too.

Minute 3. Clutter

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Oakland Bedroom Collection

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To be completely honest, achieving the maximum effect of the tips on this list will require taking a minute to assess the level of clutter in your bedroom and act accordingly. Let’s face it. Even if the bed is made and the room smells nice, your guests will likely be a bit put off by a mound of rubbish or the sight of scattered workout clothes on the floor. Luckily, with the right actions you’ll be able to make a big dent in the mess. First, stack books and papers and put them on a shelf or table if you have one in your bedroom. Next, do a quick sort of clothes, and toss the dirty items in the hamper. Tip: if your clothes have been hanging out on the floor for the last few days it’s probably a good idea to throw them in the wash. You’ll notice that after accounting for clothes, books, and papers you’re room is already looking better. Take a few seconds to arrange plants and other decorations. Voila! This room isn’t void of books, clothing and various décor, but because things are nicely arranged and the clothes are in the hamper it looks like a pretty charming place to be.

Minute 4. Embarrassing items

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. You’ve made some pretty big strides in readying your room and it’s only been 3 minutes! If we’re being honest, the bedroom is a place of intimacy. It houses many of our most private items like our undergarments, lotions for aging, or books on personal topics. Basically, there tend to be items in the bedroom we would rather not have others see. Therefore, take this minute to stow these things away. This bedroom offers a good solution. Putting things behind the curtains is a sure fire means of keeping intimate items out of sight. Of course, a closet, dresser, or bedside table will also work.

Minute 5. Floor

Now that you’ve cleared a good portion of the clutter off the floor, it’s time to pay a little attention to the surface itself. If you have the time, sweeping or vacuuming the floor will really help to make the place sparkle. We did not choose to use this bedroom with area rugs as an example to imply that you should simply sweep dirt and dust under the rug! Rather, we are displaying this bedroom as a reminder to keep area rugs straightened and neat. Doing so will keep the place looking more orderly and pulled together. Keeping the bedroom free of dust and other pesky air particles is also very important to our respiratory health.

Minute 6. Lighting

Finally, it’s time to set the tone. Your room is certainly looking much nicer already. Though, we were only able to tackle the big things. If you are still feeling like there are odds and ends still out of place, don’t fret. The right lighting can make the bedroom more welcoming and mask some of the imperfections. For instance, if we turn off the main overhead light fixture and turn on a lamp, you will hide these imperfections are not as visible. Dimmer lighting can make the space more sultry and relaxing for your guests, too. Notice how laid back this space appears with the bedside lighting to illuminate it rather than a stronger overhead light. This kind of lighting can help to diffuse the harshness of a space and keep some corners darker than others, perfect for hiding leftover dust bunnies, or any lingering embarrassing items that might still be present in the bedroom. Congratulations! You've made your room presentable for those unexpected guests in only 6 minutes. 

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