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Built in the beautiful city of Vienna, this large family house is stacked with an abundance of design features that you can copy for your dream house. Designed by our experts at Destilat design studio, this apartment features multiple bedrooms along with an expansive living and dining space. Keeping in line with the desire of the users, the architects have finished all the spaces in the house with extremely high-quality materials as well as with some very creative light fixtures. Apart from the visual aspects, the architects have also been conscious in designing the layout in such a way that all the spaces are filled with an abundance of natural light.

Let's go ahead and take a look.

The study corner

This corner of the house is designed as a nice study area. The maze inspired bookshelf installed in the corner looks extremely interesting while the comfortable chair with a table to relax the feet adds on to the efficiency of the space. The architects have further enhanced the appeal of the space by installing the carpet which not only looks beautiful but also allows for a noise free ambiance.

The living room

The living room consists of the study as well as the dining space. The presence of the large panoramic window that is covered by the delicate white curtains ensures that the living space will always be graced with subtle natural light whenever the sun shines outside. Further, the combination of the white walls and wooden flooring looks splendid and adds on to the ambiance of the entire space.

The dining space

The dining table is installed in the center of the space and comfortably accommodates 10 chairs around it. The dining experience is made more comfortable by the three ceiling hung glass light fixtures as well as the sleek gray patterened carpet.

The lounge space

This space is the soul of the living room. The space is provided with a solid gray-colored L-shaped sofa that can comfortably accommodate at least four members. The space is also provided with a sleek circular center table and a mini-bar beside the window. Further, we also loved the ceiling hung light fixtures that adds a whole new dimension to the entire space. 

The walk-in wardrobe: Closed

The walk-in wardrobe is finished in a solid gray shade that complements the overall design language of the other spaces in the house. The full height shutters of the wardrobe look neat as well as allow enhanced space utilization.

The walk-in wardrobe: Opened

In its open position, we actually realize how much space is available inside the entire assembly to hang clothes and other essentials. In order to make the space more functional, the architects have installed mirrors on the back side of the shutters as well as have provided the space outside the wardrobe with a sleek ceiling hung light fixture.

The full height mirror

We now come to the final image of this house. The architects have provided the bedroom with this sleek full height mirror that is positioned near the dresser. Apart from being used during dressing up, the mirror also goes a long way in giving the space a brighter and spacious look.

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