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Small living room: 18 truly inspiring designs

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Living rooms are one of the most cherished and heavily invested spaces in any house. A living room usually acts as the focal point of the house, a space where friends and family meet together to bond on television shows or sometimes food. Basically, a space which is the most visually appealing and interesting area of the house. A living room is also the space which is the most frequently occupied irrespective of the time of the day. As a result of this, designing living rooms that suit the users as well as the aesthetic requirements is one of the most important tasks of any architect.

Accordingly, we have sorted 18 splendid living rooms from all over the world for your reference. Maybe you can find inspiration for your dream house here.

1. Spaces with horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are extremely efficient tools for cutting down the harsh sunlight. Not only do they offer an easy to maintain mechanism but also an element that visually looks very neat and modern.  

2. With a bold colored sofa

A sofa is usually the focal point of any living space. You can further accentuate this feature by designing the background in lighter shades while the sofa in a bold contrasting shade as seen here.

3. A space with ample amounts of natural light

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Natural light is one of the critical elements of a well-designed space. This space with its large window draws in ample amounts of natural light that help to accentuate the overall ambiance of the entire setting.

4. Colorful curtains

You can choose to keep the furniture elements in the space to be as simple as possible and experiment with curtains of exciting shades, exactly how it is done here.

5. With a well thought-out color palette

One of the most important ideas behind designing a living room is to develop a space which has a suitable color palette. This space utilizes a beautiful palette of blue in which varying shades of the color are dispersed over and can be seen in the sofa, carpet, wall tiles, etc.

6. With a small dining space

It is not uncommon to see small dining tables in the living room in a case of the over all space in the house being small. You can opt for a sleek looking dining table as seen here and design it in a way that it complements the overall setting of the space.

7. The beauty of carpets

Carpets when chosen correctly, that is carpets which accentuate the setting in which they are installed, can give your space a wonderful transformation.

8. Open plan living rooms

Open plan living rooms are becoming an increasingly common phenomena. Not only do they look good but also they enhance the overall space utlization of the house.

9. Living rooms with interesting ceiling patterns

This open plan living room has all the features of a modern living space. However, its most interesting aspect is the sleek ceiling band that runs along its perimeter. You can opt for a similar pattern to enhance the overall look of your space.

10. Spaces with innovative wall textures

Investing in wall textures is one of the surest ways to enhance the overall appeal of the space. This space with its lime finished exposed brick wall and solid wooden panelling looks splendid and imparts the space an extremely sleek look.

11. With a contemporary setting

This living room ticks all the boxes that are required for a well-functional and aesthetically appealing living space. However, the feature that we liked the most is the wall hung abstract art images that lend this space a very trendy look.

12. Living rooms with storage area

Small spaces often demand extremely well-designed storage options.This living room features a U-shaped storage cabinet along which the main sofa is installed. Although the setting looks cramped, it, in fact, is efficient in providing the users a decent space to live in.

13. Solid wood panelling

Apart from its well-designed layout, what catches our attention the most is the solid wooden panel that accommodates the TV as well as other electronics. You too can opt for a simple wooden backdrop to give your living room a sleek and visually appealing look.

14. Living room with lounge chairs

A lounge chair as seen in the image is an extremely comfortable option to relax and catch up on your favorite show or maybe read an interesting book. These also look particularly good in the setting in which they are installed.

15. Space with a sleek color and texture palette

This space is designed with a sleek palette of blue and is provided with an interesting carpet to make the overall experience even more comfortable. 

16. Paintings as a design element

If you wish to move away from conventional design elements, paintings as a visual elements can be an option for you. Stock up on your favorite paintings and install them on walls or simply place them on the floor, they are sure to enhance the overall feel of the space.

17. Spaces with wall textures

As described earlier, wall textures are an extremely effective tool to enhance the overall appeal of the space. You can opt for a wooden wall texture as seen here or simply opt for a natural stone, brick or even exposed concrete finish.

18. Living rooms with interesting light fixtures

Artistic light fixtures always add on to the charm of the space. Not only do they assist in maintaining the overall illumination quality of the house, they also look stunning and in many cases pose as the focal point of the space.

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