15 comfortable apartments that measure only around 70m²

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70m² for a family apartment is a fairly compact area. If you are not careful about the way it is planned, the area can feel much smaller than it actually is. However, on the flip side, if designed correctly under the guidance of experienced professionals, you are sure to extract a higher value from the space available to you. At homify, our experts are present worldwide with many of them seasoned campaigners when it comes to designing small apartments.

Accordingly, we have sorted 15 projects that measure more or less 70m² in size, read on further if you live in a house of a similar area. Perhaps you can find some inspiration and tips to redesign your apartment.

1. 75 m²: Modern and bright apartment in Rome

This sleek and contemporary house features an open plan living area, a single bedroom, and a kitchen. The apartment measures just above 75 m² in size and was designed with a budget of approximately € 60,000.

2. 70 m²: An apartment with a wonderful material palette

This apartment is set in an old building from the 1960's and utilizes an extremely sleek material palette of wood, white colored walls and rough beige colored stone.

3. 70 m²: An apartment with contrasting shades

This apartment features a narrow kitchen and a living room with a beautiful inbuilt bookshelf. We also loved the stark color contrast of white and black shades that is used by the architects for the living room.

4. 70 m²: An apartment that looks much bigger than its original size

This apartment with some extremely fascinating artwork has a balcony that offers stunning outdoor views. The entire layout of the apartment is such that it looks bigger than its original size.

5. 75 m²: An apartment with modern and contemporary design elements

Sleek glass partitions, wooden furniture and creative lighting design, this apartment features all the elements of a modern and contemporary apartment.

6. 75 m²: An apartment with ample of sunlight

7. 65 m²: An apartment with an open plan layout

This apartment features an open plan layout that comprises of the living room as well as the kitchen and makes excellent utlization of the space available at hand.

This apartment features an open plan layout that comprises of the living room as well as the kitchen and makes excellent utlization of the space available at hand.

8. 70 m²: A compact apartment for a small family

This apartment designed by our experts at Sweet Home Interiorismo provides its users with all the comforts of the modern world in spite of it being very compact in size.

9. 75 m²: A delightful apartment from France

Measuring slightly above 75 m², this delightful French apartment is adorned with high-end finishes and Scandinavian furniture.The total cost of its design was worked out to be approximately € 40,000.

10. 65 m²: A charming studio apartment for a bachelor

Built for a bachelor who is in his early 30s, this apartment features an open plan living room and a separate sleeping space. We especially loved the simple yet appealing lighting design developed by the architects.

11. 65 m²: An exciting apartment with bright and cheerful shades

This 65 m² apartment is a very good example of how a compact space can be given a larger look by opting for the right finishes and colors.

This renovated apartment from Milan provides its users with all the space and ambiance for a comfortable living.

13. 80 m²: An apartment inspired by the Ocean

Built next to the Atlantic in Portugal, this apartment is inspired by the deep blue waters of the ocean and has a color palette of blue, green and cyan shades.

14. 70 m²: A rustic Italian apartment

Built in the Ligurian Riviera in Italy, this apartment is modern yet exudes a wonderful Mediterranean rustic charm.

15. 60 m²: Built for a perfect living

Our last apartment is one of our favourites. With its sleek wooden flooring, white colored walls and a nice open plan layout, this apartment not only looks beautiful but also provides its users excellent space utilization.

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