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5 serene indoor terraces to cool your house down

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Japanese architects are known as the masters of small spaces. Over the years, due to a high-density and the lack of outdoor space, Japanese architects have developed a style in which the indoors and the outdoors are intertwined with each other. In fact, spaces that invite in the surrounding nature has been a characteristic of traditional Japanese houses for centuries. 

Today, even the smallest of apartments in urban Japan has a relation with its surroundings which is much better in comparison to any other urban house in the world. A close relation with nature brings numerous benefits to the users, most important of them being a peaceful and refreshing ambiance. Hence, our article today presents 5 Japanese houses with terraces that connect wonderfully to the surrounding nature. 

Take a look.

Semi-outdoor space

This wonderful terrace is designed by our experts at Camp Design, Tokyo. The space is separated from the interiors by means of a sleek sliding glass partition. The terrace is enclosed on all sides which provide its users excellent security as well as protection from rains and harsh sunlight. However, the large cutouts ensure that in spite of being indoors, the users can completely enjoy the surrounding nature while having a nice cup of coffee.

Traditional planning

classic Living room by atelier137 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN OFFICE



This house is an excellent example of modern architecture built as per traditional Japanese design principles. The space is located on the ground floor and faces a beautiful bamboo forest. The large openings in the terrace are provided with roll down shutters as well as glass partitions in order to protect the indoors from the harsh exteriors.

Along the living room

scandinavian Conservatory by UZU

インナーテラス 上部は格子で空気が循環する


This terrace is built as an extension of its living room and is separated from the indoors by the sleek sliding folding shutters. In order to make the experience more comfortable, the architects have provided the large window with horizontal blinds that can regulate the sunlight as per the desire of the users. The coffee table and the indoor potted plants further enhance the overall usability of the space.

The terrace attached to the bedroom

According to us, having a terrace attached to the bedroom is one of the most understated pleasures of life. This bedroom has a comfortable terrace and comes installed with a beautiful hammock. The terrace is protected from the exteriors by a thin yet weather-proof fabric that only lets in diffused sunlight that is pleasing to the eye.

A terrace on the top floor

eclectic Living room by 株式会社エキップ



In order to protect the house from the strong winds that would blow at this elevation, the architects have provided thick external glazing with relatively large mullions. However, that does not stop the residents from using the space as a terrace. The beautiful hammock and indoor plants ensure a charming ambiance for the users while they can enjoy reading their favorite book or have a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

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