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Traditional Japanese houses have been a source of inspiration to experts not only in Japan but World-over. The Japanese construction methodology, spatial layout, integration of spaces with the surroundings, and love for detailing are few of the aspects that are recognized by architects from all over the world. 

Our today's article highlights a modern house that is built as per traditional Japanese principles. Built in the Okayama prefecture by Takeuchi architectural design office, this house exudes a distinct country-side charm and has excellent space utilization. Interested to know more? Read on further…

The living room

The living room is designed to be as simple and understated as possible with a high focus on the natural materials. The large window covered by the thin fabric allows excellent diffused sunlight, a feature that creates a wonderful ambiance in the entire space. Apart from the space planning and other built materials, we also loved the rustic wooden beams that support the top floor.

Large roof overhangs

Sloping roofs have been an integral characteristic of traditional Japanese architecture. These roofs allow excellent protection from the harsh sunlight as well as are potent to keep away the snow and help in the quick drainage of rainwater. This house has a nice roof overhang on all sides but particularly large on the entrance porch. This way, the users are provided with a shaded and protected space when they approach their main entrance door.

The entrance space

The entrance of the house is adorned with natural materials, mainly wood and stone. Japanese houses are known to create a sense of anticipation by the way their spaces are planned. This entrance space too offers a similar feeling by not letting everything being seen at the first glance and requires the user to explore to know the house better.

The kitchen

The kitchen is an extended part of the living room. The open plan layout allows excellent connectivity between the kitchen and the living room, a feature which allows the users better communication with each other while working in the kitchen. Further, the large window from the living room also draws in diffused light to enhance the overall usability of the kitchen.

The traditional tea room

The traditional Japanese tea rooms are known as Chashitsu. The space is typically used for holding tea ceremonies with extended families and guests. Typical features of tea rooms are the shoji windows (windows that are covered by thin fabric or paper), sliding doors, and tatami mats. The entire ambiance of this space is generally maintained to be subdued and restrained.

The staircase block

The staircase block connects the ground floor to the study space on the first floor. Similar to the rest of the house, the finish in this space too is minimal with an occasional wooden touch and plenty of natural light.

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