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Kitchen designs with a difference

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Cabinets, appliances and a worktop. That's all there is to a kitchen right? NO! We used to think the way you do as well, but then we stopped in our tracks when we discovered some outrageously cool and stylish alternative styles. We're not ones to bogart a good thing, so we're going to show you our favorite unusual kitchens right now and we think you'll join us in saluting the kitchen planners that came up with the audacious designs!

1. All the colors!

While there is a muted tonality to this kitchen, just look at how many different colors have been used on the cabinets! It's actually really brave, as it makes such a bold statement up on the wall. We love the variety of top cupboard sizes and styles too! 

2. More industrial than personal.

We'll never tire of industrial kitchen designs, especially when they can look this incredible! Pared back, totally unfussy and more open-plan than any other kitchen we've seen, it's the imperfect wall that makes it so striking! What a gorgeous backdrop!

3. Perfectly perpendicular.

We've become so used to certain kitchen aesthetics that when one goes against that, it really stands out! This one has made incredible use of perpendicular angles to create an ergonomic and exceptionally sociable space. Away with galley, L-shaped and U-shaped rooms, the angular kitchen is here to stay!

4. So rustic!

Don't you love the boldness here? Choosing to paint the cabinets and walls in the same color has made for such a unique look! All the heritage touches really add to the effect as well!

5. That statement wall!

Custom splashbacks aren't anything new in kitchens but a whole feature wall is very different! A beautiful open-plan space, the violet accents work so well here and really amplify the pretty natural slate color of the dramatic wall. Wow!

6. Phenomenally simple.

Have you ever seen such a large, open and simple kitchen as this one? It really is so pared back and the natural wood cabinets don't even look unfinished, they just look classic and stunning. The color consistency is key here as well, with all of the cookware contributing to the pastel effect.

7. French country luxury.

When it comes to consistency, this kitchen has really nailed it! Shabby chic wood hasn't just been used for the dining furniture, as even the cabinets have been finished in an imperfect but wonderfully pretty way. The decision to use lamps as the task lighting is so unusual and effective!

For more pretty kitchen ideas, take a look at this article: 10 types of splashback for your kitchen.

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