Sliding doors for your small kitchen

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Modern-day kitchens are getting increasingly smaller due to higher land costs and reduced construction space. As a result, many of us are forced to come up with creative space saving solutions with a view of increasing the usable area. The kitchen sliding door is one such solution that experts from all the world love to experiment with, particularly in the case of small areas. They not only look good but also free up space for other activities and enhance space utilization. Let's take a look at 20 such ideas for creative sliding doors designed especially for the kitchen by professional kitchen planners. They can be installed as the kitchen door, instead of the conventional hinged door. Alternatively, in modern apartments with an open-plan integrated space, they can serve as the kitchen divider.

1. A sleek black framed sliding door with dark tinted glass panels

2. A space separating sliding door with clear glass panels

Another option for a sliding door kitchen with clear glass panels

Here is a design that will work even in small homes, without cutting out light or spaciousness. The sliding mechanism for the kitchen door design provides accessibility without taking up too much space.

3. A sliding door with a conventional design and one that can be hidden in the inbuilt wall niche

4. A modern and sleek stainless steel framed sliding door having clear glass panels

5. A double panel sliding door that overlaps each other and has a traditional shutter design

6. Trendy frame-less sliding shutters for a sleek kitchen

7. Solid black frame and slightly tinted glass gives this kitchen a very classy appeal

Another design for a kitchen door with a solid black frame

In this home, the sliding door to the kitchen is the ideal solution, considering the narrow entryway between the dining room and kitchen. The white tint matches the wall colour, making the kitchen almost invisible from the dining room, once the door is closed.

8. A sliding door that can be hidden in the partition to give an effect of a larger opening

9. This sliding door has a slender frame and clear glass panels that enable excellent connectivity with the dining table on the outside

10. A sliding door with translucent glass panels

11. Frosted glass panels give this kitchen a very trendy vibe

12. A sliding door with a distinct industrial vibe

13. A modern sliding door which is a part of a larger L-shaped assembly

14. A sliding door that can also be folded to save space

15. An ultra-sleek frame-less sliding door for a minimalist kitchen

16. A sliding door fit for a kitchen that has a vintage vibe to it

17. A sliding door with retro finishes, especially the pull handle

18. A modern and contemporary sliding door that can be installed in almost any type of space

19. Frame-less sliding doors with dark tinted glass panels

20. Sliding doors with an aluminium frame and tinted glass panels

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