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27 home entrances that inspire you to redesign yours

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An entrance lobby is the first space that we step into when we enter the house. In spite of the space being small or rather unimportant for many, a well-designed entrance lobby can have numerous benefits. When a space is well-designed, it improves the perception of friends or guests visiting the house since the first impression is what counts the most. However, an even bigger influence is on the users themselves, a well-designed entrance can subconsciously affect the mood of the residents when they step out of the house or come back after a long day at work.

Are you interested to know more? Read on further to know more about entrance lobbies designed by our experts.

1. This entrance lobby has a wonderful large opening beside it that allows inside pleasing diffused sunlight

3. Intricately patterned flooring and the wall sculpture gives this space a very traditional look

4. Creative shutters under the staircase that look good as well as provide additional storage space

Staircase cupboard SCD Group Classic corridor, hallway & stairs Wood Wood effect
SCD Group

Staircase cupboard

SCD Group

6. An entrance lobby with beautiful paintings and pink colored stools to enhance the setting

7. An entrance with an artistic partition that has an inbuilt light fixture

8. A large entrance with white colored walls and sleek ceiling lights

9. A charming setting of a potted plant and low height table for the entrance

10. An entrance with a comfortably positioned wooden ledge and wall hangers

11. A floor mounted mirror to invite positive energy in the entrance lobby

12. A sleek arrangement of potted plants in a white monochrome setting

13. Abstract paintings and wall mounted cabinets give this entrance a nice contemporary look

14. This entrance is adorned with a sleek glass table, an antique wall clock, and a rustic wooden bench

15. A collage of wall tiles and a long low-height cabinet gives this entrance lobby a nice modern touch

16. White monochromatic lobby with an inbuilt ledge for miniature sculptures

17. An antique wooden furniture piece and a bold red shutter gives this space a very artistic look.

18. The spherical ceiling lamp and the bold blue colored railing dominates the visual setting of this entrance lobby

19. With a sleek steel gray palette, this entrance looks stunning as well as provides its users with space for storage

20. This combination of wooden doors and white colored walls looks stunning in the entrance lobby

21. With its lovely carpet, yellow colored walls, and ample of storage space, this entrance is one of out favourites

22. This entrance has a nice arrangement of under-staircase storage compartments and a sleek wardrobe

23. This niche that is installed with sleek light fixtures and low height table gives this entrance a very inviting look

24. Set in the beautiful mountains, this entrance is adorned with simple design features and is provided with adequate storage space

25. This entrance exudes a modern contemporary charm courtesy of its sleek monotonous color palette

26. Sometimes just one design element is enough to add spice to the entire space, the flooring in this entrance lobby does the trick

27. This entrance is provided with a sleek seating space as well as wall ledges to make the entrance a comfortable experience

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